What Don’t You Know About Cisco ISR G2 2900/3900 Series Routers?Read

  October 5, 2014 Part of our job as technology consultants is to make sure our customers are aware of all the new bells and whistles that Cisco is offering in each product class.  Since routers are a foundational component of most network architectures, their features, functionality, and capabilities are topics that get broached daily. […]

Cisco Responds to Customer Requests With Jabber 10.5Read

  September 22, 2014 Cisco released a new iteration of the Jabber Client, version 10.5.  With it came new features and improvements that have been on the road map for several versions. The first thing you’ll notice is the new Jabber Client has been reskinned. There’s a new color scheme and the icons are much […]

What is New in Cisco UCCX 10.0?Read

  June 11, 2014 In the age of instant gratification, companies are struggling to keep up with new communication channels, increased customer demand for faster response times, and first contact issue resolution. Most premise-based solutions are trying to adapt and add features to keep up with customer expectations. Cisco’s UCCX 10.0 was released a few […]

Evolution of a Cisco Unified Communications Phone LicenseRead

May 29, 2014 Way back in the year 2000, Cisco acquired a new and exciting product called CallManager from Selsius. The first major release of Cisco CallManager was born with release 3.0. At the time, the CallManager software ran on top of a Windows 2000 platform, and phone licensing was an afterthought working off the […]

Storage I/O Misalignment – The Silent Performance KillerRead

  February 8, 2013 Much like the medical industry refers to  high blood pressure or diabetes as a “silent killer,” storage I/O misalignment can slowly degrade the health and performance of your storage array over time.  I/O misalignment can degrade your applications & databases performance by as much as 30% or more, depending on how […]

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