From a Chicago-Based Value-Added Reseller to a Technology Consulting Firm

In 2004, Mindsight started on a mission as a services organization to facilitate confidence in our clients’ technology-related business decisions. These clients often leverage the latest in advanced technology as a strategic advantage, and so they felt it was critical to partner with Mindsight. Why? Mindsight only employs expert-level engineers that work in a culture of Excellence, Knowledge, and Integrity to mitigate client technology risk.

Mindsight grew rapidly with demonstrated success in designing, deploying, and supporting VoIP systems and then continued to expand technology offerings with the advent of each new transformative technology in the marketplace. As the needs of our clients grew, so did our capabilities. Over time, Mindsight became more strategic and consultative with our clients, with a focus on key vertical markets.

Today, Mindsight is a comprehensive technology consulting firm with vast experience and a wealth of expertise. We’ve always maintained our thoughtful approach and straightforward manner – and held firmly to our values. We believe our technology know-how, coupled with complete transparency, fosters trust. That’s the benefit of Mindsight.

From Tympani to Mindsight

Mindsight was originally named Tympani, after the percussion instrument that one of the founders played in high school. While the name still represents who we are—a dependable, client-centric technology company with massive certification chops—we wanted something that showcased the thoughtfulness our clients love about us and highlighted our transition from value-added reseller to technology consulting firm.

That’s when Mindsight was born.

The Meaning Behind Mindsight

Mindsight is a psychology term coined by Dr. Dan Siegel. It refers to being aware of your own thoughts and feelings, as well the thoughts and feelings of others. It’s having insight into yourself and empathy for others.

At Mindsight, our clients tell us these traits are exactly what they appreciate about us. They value how we truly understand them—not just from a technology standpoint, but also from a business and personal perspective. We have always taken the time to grasp our clients’ challenges and reflect on how our expertise can best be used to help.

We’re thoughtful and transparent, straightforward and candid. We give our clients insightful solutions and solid advice. We have mindsight. As you can see, the name truly fits.