Designing the Data Center for Business Continuity

Today’s businesses run on data, which is why data protection is key to business continuity. Reducing the risk of downtime, data loss, and compliance breaches requires a fundamental investment in foundational backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Mindsight’s experts design infrastructure solutions with data protection in mind. By prioritizing the security and restorability of your data, our engineers leverage cloud computing and deploy advanced architectures with HCI or dHCI to increase retention and reduce costs. Our strategic solutions are always custom-fit to your business goals.

Proactive Data Protection

  • Backup

    Data protection starts with reliable, restorable backups. Mindsight’s experts ensure backups are regularly tested and available when you need them. By using a validated backup methodology, you reduce the risk of data loss and downtime.

  • Disaster Recovery

    A disaster recovery program encompasses the backup strategy and broader business-wide initiatives into a documented, executable plan for when a disaster occurs. A fundamental investment in disaster recovery programming is an essential component of forward-thinking data protection.

  • Data Security

    The backup and disaster recovery strategy is only valuable if the data recovered is secure, uncompromised, and unmodified. Mindsight’s team of security specialists, ethical hackers, and pentesters assess, secure, and harden your security posture to better protect the data on which you rely.

  • Managed Security Services

    Mindsight’s expert-level-only engineers and security experts deliver end-to-end threat intelligence and monitoring to detect and protect against malicious activity and persistent threats, protecting your data through a proactive mindset.

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