Major Data Breaches of Q12020: A Cybersecurity ReportRead

  January 21, 2021 By: Kim Morgan Tiger King, Megxit, toilet paper, murder hornets, COVID-19, Quibi, and for once, instead of cake being a lie EVERYTHING WAS CAKE are just a few of the most bonkers parts of 2020. With all that, it is no wonder that major cybersecurity breaches barely cracked the headlines. Unfortunately, […]

Meet Tad Gralewski, Mindsight CIORead

  January 14, 2021 A very recent addition to Mindsight’s leadership team, CIO/COO Tad Gralewski re-joined the company in December 2020.  Tad was instrumental in refining and driving tremendous growth in Mindsight’s managed services business in the 2013 through 2016 timeframe, but left Mindsight to pursue other opportunities. We’re excited to have him re-join the […]

2021 Call Center Predictions: A Call Center ReportRead

  January 5, 2021 With any luck, 2021 will be far less disruptive than 2020 as Covid-19 vaccines gradually allow “normal” life to resume. Then again, some of what’s now considered normal was previously atypical — including the permanent implementation of remote work in nearly every sector. Call centers are no exception. Add to that operational […]

Tech to Watch in 2021Read

  December 16, 2020 Seemingly omnipresent and increasingly omniscient, technology impacts virtually every facet of life and work in most of the world. And with each passing year, it gets faster, smarter and more all-encompassing. Mindsight’s picks for Top Tech of 2021 are no exception. From IoT connectivity to data security and beyond, here are […]

Security During “Unprecedented Times”: A Cybersecurity ReportRead

December 8, 2020   When Mishaal Khan talks about the importance of robust cybersecurity, he’s not just pontificating as a widely known expert in the field. Like many of us, he has also been the target of online scams. And though the trained ethical hacker and social engineer never fell prey, he knows that countless […]

Collaborating Securely with Microsoft Teams: A Collaboration ReportRead

  December 3, 2020   Technology has made the business world a much smaller place. Instead of hunkering down in the same office, we often communicate and collaborate with colleagues who are hundreds or thousands of miles away. Microsoft Teams, rated “excellent” in an exhaustive review by PCMag, makes doing so easier and more efficient […]

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