Chat. Meet. Whiteboard. Schedule. Files.

Webex Teams is an app for continuous teamwork with video meetings, group messaging, file sharing and white boarding. Webex Teams is not just one collaboration tool, it’s every collaboration tool in one cloud-based solution. Bring your team together from across the globe into a virtual meeting place and work as though they’re just across the table.

The Mindsight engineering team has the proficiency and experience to design, deploy, and adopt your collaboration solution. Connect your workforce, streamline communications, and reduce operational costs with Cisco Webex Teams. Jumpstart your organization’s implementation and adoption of WebEx solutions. Mindsight can provide detailed, customized project management plans to help employees and virtual teams understand and maximize the value of WebEx solutions.

Cisco Webex Team Meetings

Before the Meeting

When assembling a team, Webex Teams makes it very simple to locate contacts, organize them into different Spaces, and schedule meetings within the application. Furthermore, Webex Teams can integrate with other scheduling applications like Outlook to aid in booking a formal meeting.

During the Meeting

Once assembled, your team will be able to employ the varied and valuable collaboration tools within Cisco Webex Teams. From file and screen sharing to chat and whiteboarding tools, your team will be able to productively collaborate in persistent Spaces regardless of location or device.

After the Meeting

After the meeting adjourns, the persistent Webex Teams meeting space can house any shared files, chat history, and meeting minutes. This provides an excellent resource for future reference as well as an onboarding tool for new Team members entering the conversation in the middle of the project. These Spaces are easily searchable, and users can locate any file or Team member using a predictive search tool.


Additional Features and Capabilities

Team Spaces

In Webex Teams, users can be assigned to Teams. From there, you can organize your interface to display your main Spark Team Space and any branching sub-spaces that the team needs. Any member can access any Spark Space associated with the team.

Video Calls and Video Meetings

You can host video conferencing meetings from wherever you work, be it a PC, Mac, mobile device, or Webex Teams-enabled conference room. With just a few clicks, you can invite your team to a synchronized video call.

Integration with iOS

In Apple’s iOS, Cisco Webex Teams is natively integrated onto Apple mobile devices. Make and receive calls from your lock screen, and automatically sync your phone contacts with Webex Teams contacts.

Webex Teams as a Standalone Cloud or Hybrid PBX System

Cisco Webex Teams can also double as a complete cloud hosted voice system for an organization. By using the Webex Teams Phone OS on select Cisco phones, employees can make calls and join meetings through Webex Teams. Alternatively, the app itself can function as a soft phone. Using Unified Communications Manager, you can connect it with an existing Cisco telephony platform.

Webex Boards

The Webex Board is a powerful all-in-one collaboration tool. It provides your organization with everything you need to wirelessly present, whiteboard, and hold video and audio calls. The Webex Board combines what normally requires multiple devices and whiteboards into a single, consolidated tool.

Custom Integrations from Mindsight

Webex Teams is an open platform that allows for custom development. Take advantage of tight integrations with your existing applications to streamline your business processes and align Webex Teams with your unique business needs. Mindsight has the expertise on staff to customize your Webex Teams deployment.

Better Together: Mindsight and Cisco

  • Cisco Gold Partner

    The Cisco Gold Partner certification is a testament to our skill and understanding of Cisco collaboration and voice solutions.

  • Cisco Master Collaboration Specialist

    The Master Collaboration Specialist certification is given to technology partners who demonstrate a thorough understanding of Cisco collaboration technology. Whether Jabber, Webex, Webex Teams, or other tools, Mindsight has proven to be experts with these solutions.

Mindsight Collaboration Services

  • Collaboration Roadmap

    Let us help improve the way your company collaborates, engages, interacts, and works. Mindsight’s Collaboration Roadmap can give you a detailed picture of the state of your collaboration environment and help you build a roadmap for the future.

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  • Technology Design and Deployment

    Whether you need design help, validation help, deployment help, or more, Mindsight is here to tell you what is possible and what isn’t with a Design and Deployment consultation.

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  • Managed Services

    With our Managed Collaboration Services, Mindsight can manage everything about your collaboration and contact center environments, from alert monitoring and configuration, to end user experience and circuit provider remediation.

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