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Mindsight’s expertise spans across technologies and platforms. From cybersecurity to cloud, disaster recovery to infrastructure, and collaboration to contact center, our technology solutions minimize risk, reduce costs, and help you grow your business. Our specialty is listening. It’s our job to understand your goals, your environment, and the obstacles standing in your way. We don’t just sell hardware or applications. We craft sophisticated technologies into a perfect solution to get you where you want to go.

Mindsight is dedicated to helping you optimize your technology to achieve business results. To do this, we have created one of the largest expert-level-only engineering teams in Chicago, supporting businesses across the globe. We’ve also developed strategic partnerships — and earned high-level certifications — with the top brands in the industry, like AWS, Microsoft, HPE, Cisco, VMware, NetApp, and Dell/EMC. These partnerships, along with our technology expertise, give you access to the most powerful and comprehensive technology solutions available today.

Explore the services and specialties below to learn more about what Mindsight can bring to your organization.

Mindsight’s Expertise Across the Technology Spectrum


The data center may be the single most important part of your business infrastructure. Without it, the entire company could be paralyzed and unable to function. As your business grows, ensuring the health and proper care of your data center only becomes more challenging.

Through cutting-edge data center solutions, Mindsight can revolutionize your on-premise or colocated data center. Our consultants will not only increase your data center’s reliability but also increase performance and decrease costs, so you can comfortably scale your data center as your business expands.

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Protecting your business from the most pervasive threats is top of mind for organizations around the globe. Mindsight’s cybersecurity experts employ process-driven threat intelligence gathering to proactively protect your organization from attacks.

Our team of network security specialists, ethical hackeers, and pentesters assess, secure, and harden your security posture against a volatile threat landscape, mitigating risk for your business and giving you peace of mind.

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The cloud isn’t simply a technology – it is an overarching solution – and the cloud today supports disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and operating services across the business.

We understand the disruptive nature of cloud and how it can help secure opportunities for your organization in the future. Mindsight’s experts utilize a proven four-step methodology to ensure seamless cloud migrations and management for future-ready organizations.

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Contact Center

The modern contact center is a hub for client communication across numerous channels. In order to ensure that your team is meeting customer expectations, it’s important for call centers to have tools that deliver quality management and analytics, like call recording and call reporting.

Our expertise helps business create frictionless experiences for customers through seamless technology solutions. Mindsight can take a look at your current infrastructure and help you optimize your technology to deliver an effortless customer experience.

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Effective communication is vital to the continued success of your organization. Mindsight’s experts not only understand the value of collaboration, but how to optimize collaborative technology so that users have easy access to these vital tools.

By designing solutions that utilize unified communications, video conferencing, team messaging, and web meetings, our experts help you implement secure and easy-to-use collaboration tools for your users, so that whether across Chicago or across the country, your team can work together as if they were just across the table.

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When Mindsight first opened its doors in 2004, it operated as a value-added reseller of VoIP systems. Yet even in the beginning, we found our conversations with clients were strategic and consultative in nature. It was less about the hardware we were selling and more about helping businesses find the right solution – even if it wasn’t ours.

Today we put our expert-level-only engineering team front and center in our business, so that our clients have access to their wealth of experience. Whether you need a complete technology roadmap or just an upgrade, you can count on Mindsight to deliver the right solution to mitigate risk and grow your business.

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