IT Infrastructure Strategies and Solutions

Infrastructure is at the core of any company’s technology strategy. Through a secure collection of networks, storage, servers, and architecture, the data center powers the systems and applications businesses use every day. Mindsight has vast expertise with the latest infrastructure strategies and solutions – from virtualization to hyperconverged infrastructure – and we understand the importance of risk mitigation and data protection.

Our expert-level-only engineering team designs, deploys, and manages infrastructure solutions that meet your needs, helping you to mitigate risk, protect your data, all while optimizing the data center for efficiency, flexibility, and cost.

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Optimize Your Infrastructure with Mindsight

  • Network

    Our expert-level-only team designs and implements the ideal network for your organization, providing you a secure, efficient, and cost-effective solution that ensures everyone – and everything – is connected.

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  • Storage

    Today’s businesses are creating and collecting more data than ever. Storage costs are skyrocketing as a result. Optimizing storage within your infrastructure helps you gain visibility, improve data management and utilization rates, and increase overall efficiency.

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  • Servers

    Servers are the heart of the data center and manage access to a centralized resource or service in your network. We can help you determine which architecture  is right for your business – whether the environment is physical, virtual, or somewhere in between – by offering optimized server and virtualization solutions.

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  • HCI

    Every infrastructure design we recommend is a proven arrangement of perfectly integrated hardware. By optimizing the architecture using converged infrastructure, HCI, or dHCI, our clients improve efficiency and cut costs.

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  • Data Protection

    The data your business runs on is invaluable, which is why cybersecurity is top of mind when our engineers design infrastructure solutions. By integrating backups with cybersecurity best practices, we can help you protect your data.

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  • Applications

    In designing the modern infrastructure solution, the core applications on which your business runs – including email and Active Directory – cannot be forgotten. We help clients deploy, troubleshoot, update, and deliver these services.

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