Meraki Access

Streamline your connectivity with cloud-managed solutions, offering efficiency, control, and tailored experiences for your organization.

Empower Your Network With A Cisco-Powered Meraki Access Managed Solution

The Meraki Access network is a vital component that connects your devices to both local and wide area networks, enabling seamless communication and access to essential business applications. Whether you need wired or wireless connectivity, Meraki Access ensures high performance and robust security. It’s comprised of switches, wireless access points, and the Meraki dashboard that work together to deliver quality services. With features like layer 2 switching and layer 3 routing, Meraki Access offers a cloud-based solution that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Cisco’s Meraki Access Service offers a comprehensive solution for your local area network (LAN) needs. Orchestrated from the cloud and supported by a Service Level Agreement and proactive monitoring, it provides valuable services like managed LAN, and presence analytics. Meraki Access gives you control over your infrastructure with efficiency and scalability, thanks to its multi-tenancy and automation features. Plus, it offers reporting and self-service capabilities to administrators, ensuring a user experience that’s both compelling and customizable to your organization’s requirements.

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Experience Unmatched Reliability with our Service-Level Agreements

Our commitment to you goes beyond words and is written into our Service-Level Agreements (SLAs). These agreements ensure that you receive the highest quality of service, with clear metrics to measure our performance. 

Enhanced Control with Comprehensive LAN Management Capabilities

We understand that your needs are unique, and that’s why we offer a suite of management capabilities tailored to your requirements. With our service, you gain access to:

  • Switch Chassis Management: Seamlessly manage the core components of your network.
  • Port Management: Control and optimize individual network ports for maximum efficiency.
  • VLAN Management: Easily organize and manage virtual LANs to enhance network segmentation.
  • Access Control Policy Management: Implement and manage access policies to ensure security and compliance.
  • Switch Stacking Management: Simplify the management of multiple switches, enhancing scalability and performance.

Whether you want to take advantage of these management capabilities yourself or prefer us to handle them, we offer the flexibility to choose. Our commitment to demonstrating these capabilities is not just a promise; it’s a documented part of our Service Description, ensuring that you always receive the control and customization you need.

Unlock Insights with advanced lAN analytics and Reporting

Your network is a vital part of your business, and understanding how it’s performing is key to your success. That’s why we offer comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities that provide you with a clear view of your network at various levels. With our service, you can access:

  • Network Level Usage: Get an overview of how your entire network is performing.
  • Top Device by Usage: Identify the devices that are consuming the most resources.
  • Top Clients by Usage: Understand who your most active users are and what they’re accessing.
  • Top Application by Usage: Discover the applications that are most utilized within your network.
  • Port Level Statistics: Dive into detailed statistics on top usage, clients, and application utilization at the port level.

These insights aren’t just numbers; they’re tools to help you make informed decisions, optimize performance, and align your network with your business goals. We’re committed to demonstrating these capabilities, and they’re a documented part of our Service Description, ensuring that you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

Meraki CPE: Tailored Solutions for your Needs

Experience seamless connectivity with Mindsight’s Cloud Managed Meraki Access Service. We customize solutions using the most suitable Meraki CPE to meet your Managed LAN requirements. Leverage the advanced capabilities of the Cisco Meraki MS product line. Our service includes managing all the essential licenses for operating the CPE, providing a hassle-free, tailored experience that aligns with your unique needs.

Software license management: uninterrupted service

We take software license management seriously. By ensuring that valid software licenses are applied to CPE devices used for service delivery, we prevent potential service outages. You can trust us to manage these details, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Proactive Monitoring: Always One step ahead

Our proactive monitoring service means we’re always watching over your managed LAN service. We don’t wait for problems to occur; we monitor the availability and health of your access points or switching devices from our operation center. This proactive approach ensures that potential issues are addressed before they become problems, providing you with uninterrupted service. Plus, we’re transparent about our operations, offering procedure documents or demonstrations of our network management systems, so you can see the status of your devices.

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