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Your data center is the brains of your company. It houses your servers, storage, network, security, and applications. The success of your business depends on your data center operations running smoothly. Setting up new hardware within a data center can be complex. Deployment errors can be disastrous and have long-lasting effects.

At Mindsight, our highly skilled engineers are experts to the complexities of the data center, as well as the technologies within it. Our clients trust our straightforward approach towards designing and deploying customized technology solutions. Minimize your risk and use Mindsight’s wealth of knowledge to deploy technology solutions across your environment.

Design and Deployment Areas


  • Infrastructure
  • Cloud Infrastructure (public, private, hybrid)
  • Applications
  • Operations Management
  • Service Management
  • Business Management

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The Mindsight Process

  • Design

    Through a complete understanding of our client’s immediate and long-term business requirements, our team drafts an architectural foundation. This lays the groundwork for supporting your current needs, while also ensuring scalability to pursue future opportunities.

  • Validation

    Accommodating devices and new capabilities without compromising network availability or performance is critical. Our engineers create a test methodology, design a limited version of the solution, and test it in a controlled environment. After assessing the solution’s architecture, operational status, and security, we identify and validate risks to determine if the design needs to be changed or enhanced.

  • Deployment

    As new solutions or applications are introduced to the production network, steps must be taken to ensure they are deployed in accordance with the overarching design. Our deployment services include the development of implementation plans, installation, configuration, integration, project management, post-implementation support, and ongoing knowledge transfer.

  • Migration

    Our migration services take a systematic, priorities-based approach to refreshing your network infrastructure and continuing to update it in the future. A cornerstone to this approach is the careful management of cost and the mitigation of risks that could affect the business or production infrastructure.

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