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The statistics are daunting: over 37 billion records were compromised in 2020, a 141% increase from 2019. The average cost of a breach was $3.86 million and took 280 days to identify and contain. While nearly 70% of business leaders believe their cybersecurity risks are increasing, research suggests most organizations have unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices in place making them extremely vulnerable to data, financial, and reputation loss.

Many organizations struggle to recruit – and afford – the cybersecurity talent they need. For companies needing to augment their cybersecurity skills gap, Mindsight offers virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services that deliver on-demand cybersecurity direction, planning, implementation and maintenance – extending your network of expertise to help you navigate today’s complex and quickly growing threat landscape. Mindsight’s vCISO service was designed to empower leaders with the cybersecurity expertise they need at a price they can afford.

Whether your organization needs a vulnerability scan, an endpoint security solution, or consultation from a virtual CISO, Mindsight can help you navigate the evolving threatscape and enforce policies across your network—no matter the size of your organization. Simplify administration, broaden network visibility, strengthen security controls, and improve business efficacy and flexibility with our team of experts at your side.


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Cybersecurity Services

  • Testing and Analysis

    Mindsight’s team of ethical hackers and security practitioners approach cybersecurity from the attacker’s perspective, testing every control and potential gap. With our vast array of analysis services, we help our clients identify pertinent risks to the organization and develop a plan focused on prevention and remediation.

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  • Assessment and Compliance

    Risk management is top-of-mind for business and technology leaders. Mindsight provides program assessment and compliance analyses to help you mitigate risk and protect your data.


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  • Managed Detection and Response

    Security breaches and attacks come in many forms – from malicious infiltrators to unknowing insiders – and our diligent resolution-focused team helps reduce damages and prevent future incidents.

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  • Remediation and Controls

    From multifactor authentication to endpoint protection, Mindsight delivers a complete portfolio of remediation and controls services that ensure continuous, evolving protection of your data and resources.

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  • Managed Cyber Security Services

    Serving midmarket organizations, Mindsight’s team of engineers can help identify your risks, develop a comprehensive plan, and manage your cybersecurity program as needed.

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Cybersecurity Experts

Our security experts respond proactively to cybersecurity developments and keep your business informed and prepared as the risks evolve. Our team of experts come with a wealth of knowledge and experience along with industry recognized certifications in cybersercurity.

To protect your business, you need people who know cybersecurity in and out. That’s Mindsight.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

Security isn’t a technology – it is an umbrella solution that pervades everything. We ensure the security of your data, cloud, and infrastructure from framework implementation to active monitoring and management. Our cybersecurity services identify the weakest aspects of your posture – and protect them.

From firewalls to threat hunting, pentesting to content filtering, our solutions are custom-fit to your needs.

Proven Process

There are many cybersecurity strategies, but our interlinked six-step process – Discover, Plan, Remediate, Test, Roadmap, Manage – will guide you safely to a hardened security posture. By utilizing a process, our teams are able to predict and remediate effectively, gaining insights that feed back into the security process.

A proven process means nothing is missed and provides results that can be trusted.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Our specialized teams understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, financial services, retail, ecommerce, and other sectors. The way technology facilitates each industry – and the problems it can cause – require specialized knowledge.

Learn more about our industry experience here.

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Managed Security Services

Our experts use tested processes to guarantee outcomes you can rely on. Find out about our managed security services.

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White Paper: The Crossroads Of Data Protection

Read Mindsight’s new white paper to learn more about how to incorporate cybersecurity protocols into your disaster recovery planning.

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Check Out Our Upcoming Events

Mindsight hosts regular events focused on educating business leaders around innovations in the technology sector that deliver growth, scalability, and risk mitigation.

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Secure Your Business Today

Mindsight’s cybersecurity experts employ process-driven threat intelligence gathering to proactively protect your organization from security threats. Let’s join forces to protect your business and the data on which you rely.

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