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Servers are the heart of the data center and manage access to a centralized resource or service in your network. Determining which architecture is best for your business can be a challenge, which is why Mindsight’s expert-level-only engineers are here to help.

Mindsight’s experts will help your business consolidate equipment, simplify management, and decrease costs, whether your environment is physical, virtual – or somewhere in between. Our clients leverage our vast expertise of server and virtualization solutions to optimize their infrastructure. We can assess your current infrastructure and design a custom-built roadmap for your organization that aligns your IT investments with overarching business goals.


Servers are the foundation of the data center and identifying the right architecture that reduces costs and scales for growth is key. Mindsight’s expert-level-only engineers will optimize your server environment to align to your business goals through the use of:


Achieve improved efficiency and control – while also reducing costs – through virtualization. With less equipment to purchase and maintain, hardware and operating costs can be reduced by as much as 50%, and energy costs by up to 80%. Virtualization also provides greater flexibility, scalability, and compute power per server. Our experts deliver these benefits through:

Leverage our expert-level-only engineering team today.

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