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Mindsight uses proven processes to help you achieve your business goals. Our technology consulting model involves conducting technology roadmaps and assessments, delivering recommendations, implementation, and managing your environment (as needed). Get the most out of your technology investments. Take advantage of Mindsight’s personalized services and high-level of expertise.

Combined, our consultants and engineers have expertise in almost every technology solution in the market today. In fact, 90% of our consultants and engineers have advanced certifications, along with years of experience managing technology solutions in environments of all sizes and complexities. Browse our offerings below and contact us to schedule your roadmap or assessment today.

Mindsight Technology Roadmaps and Assessments

  • Collaboration Roadmap

    Mindsight consultants will take a look at your collaboration environment, examine your current state of operations, and evaluate your performance and functionality to provide strategic recommendations for improving the way your company collaborates, engages, interacts, and works.

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  • Contact Center Roadmap

    Mindsight consultants will take a look at your contact center environment and determine what strategies, technologies, and software needs to be implemented for you to reach your goals. They will also identify what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should be using to measure success and how to get started on the main objectives outlined in the detailed roadmap they create for your group.

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  • Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap

    Mindsight will provide a clear picture of a particular technology’s capacity, reliability, and vulnerabilities. From there, we can determine areas for improvement as well as plan for future growth, upgrades, and expansion. We offer assessments in several areas of the data center including: storage arrays, servers, virtual environments, and the network.

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  • Path to the Cloud Analysis

    Mindsight’s cloud consultants will take a holistic view of your entire data center environment and determine the organization’s readiness for a migration to the cloud. We look at which applications are in use, what resources they consume, and which can be moved to the cloud. We account for your business and technology requirements to develop a roadmap with strategic recommendations.

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Let Mindsight help you reach your business objectives.

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The Business Review and The Strategic Analysis

Business Review

The Business Review is a four-hour on-site assessment with a senior consultant specialized in the relevant discipline. During the assessment, our senior consultant will meet with your team to gather as much information as possible about the environment.

With the information collected from your team, our senior engineer then prepares a detailed report with the following sections:

  • Current system makeup, software, and hardware
  • Gaps or issues with the system
  • Current features in use
  • Any integrations with 3rd party products

Available Areas: contact center, collaboration infrastructure, and cloud technologies.

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Strategic Analysis

The Strategic Analysis takes our consultation services a step further. Our senior engineer will spend one to two weeks on-location performing a thorough analysis.

The precise details and topics covered in the report will vary based on the area analyzed. However, there are commonalities across each discipline:

  • System overview, situational analysis, or technology analysis
  • Insights, findings, and observations
  • Feature comparison and known issues
  • Strategic recommendations and next steps
  • Collaboration infrastructure, implementation, or technology roadmap

Available Areas: contact center, collaboration infrastructure, cloud, and data center infrastructure technologies.

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