Path To The Cloud Analysis Overview

Mindsight, named a Top Cloud Consultant by, offers this strategic consulting service to help our clients answer the cloud question. Our senior consultants take a holistic look at your existing data center environment to determine your strategic use case for the cloud and determine the steps necessary to achieve your potential migration. We use sophisticated monitoring software to gather information on network use as well as storage,
hypervisor, and server performance. Meanwhile, our consultants assess the application layer of the environment to determine which applications are in use, how they are integrated, what resources they consume, and which can or should be moved to the cloud. With a detailed analysis in hand, you will be poised to make informed decisions and find success in your data center or cloud strategy.

Consulting Methodology

Plan Development
• Software as a Service Opportunities
• Dependency Conflict Analysis
• Migration Configurations
• Cloud Provider Options
• Security and Control Implications
• Financial Analysis
• Cloud Management Strategy
• Cloud Optimization Strategy

Current State Analysis
• Discussion of Cloud Goals
• Application Ecosystem Analysis
• Application Dependency Mapping

Roadmap Deliverables
• Executive Report
• Migration Roadmap

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Report Deliverables

• System Overview
• Application Dependencies
• System Insights and Findings
• Financial Analysis
• Feature Comparison and Known Issues
• Strategic Recommendations
• Cloud-Ready Application Report
• Technology Roadmap

With a detailed analysis in hand, you will be poised to make informed decisions and find success in your cloud strategy.

A Note on the Hybrid Cloud and Colocation

Many companies find that a completely private or public solution is not a perfect scenario to meet their needs. Whether it’s their storage, servers, or some other data center component, these companies want dedicated control of certain aspects of their deployment. In these circumstances, hybrid cloud fills a valuable niche. Hybrid cloud enables companies to customize their solution by sharing only select components in the cloud data center while maintaining the utmost security.

At the same time, hybrid cloud enables a company to retain the freedom to designate certain components as exclusively theirs. For example, a financial organization may want designated storage arrays and an exclusive firewall for sensitive private records, but the servers powering the virtual machines do not require the same approach. They can be shared among other companies also using that particular cloud provider without a problem. Traditionally, a hybrid cloud solution is deployed in a colocated data center for additional protection. These facilities are designed to prevent downtime and protect your data from physical and virtual damage. Should a calamity befall the corporate office, information and business-critical applications stored in a colocated data center will still be readily available.

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