Lower Costs and Eliminate Business Disruption with Storage as a Service

For decades, storage systems have been deployed with planned obsolescence. Every 3-5 years, IT organizations forklift old systems out and deploy new storage systems. The capital expenditures required for a storage refresh run in the tens of thousands of dollars for small organizations – and millions for larger enterprises. In addition to the often enormous costs, migrations take weeks to complete and cause much disruption to the business. IT organizations have felt trapped for years going through these cycles, hoping for an alternative.

Storage as a service (STaaS) can be that alternative. STaaS allows IT organization to:

  • Deploy a storage solution once; you never have to rebuy storage again.
  • Adjust capacity as needed; as-a-Service delivers a flexible consumption model.
  • Dramatically lower total cost of ownership; cost per gigabyte is about 20% less with an as-a-Service model compared to traditional CAPEX ownership.
  • Eliminate business disruption.


Storage Solutions

  • Storage as a Service

    Eliminate storage refreshes, business disruption, and headaches with Storage as a Service (STaaS) from trusted partners like Pure Storage.

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  • SAN Solutions

    Whether flash, NAS, or some hybrid combination, we can help you determine the right storage solutions for your business.

  • Hyperconverged Solutions

    Find out how to optimize storage performance within your data center architecture with HCI and disaggregated HCI (dHCI).

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