Realizing the Value of Unified Communications

Unified communications play an essential and central role in any business. An organization’s ability to effectively communicate with customers and clients is just as important as the services or products it offers. At Mindsight, we understand how important it is to have the right voice solution. Your business depends on it.

Our highly certified engineers can help you realize the full benefits of voice. We won’t try to upsell you. Rather, we’ll tell it to you straight based on your budget and your unique business requirements. Get only what you need, when you need it. Mindsight can deliver voice services to IP phones, media processing devices, VoIP gateways, and mobile devices—as well as a variety of multimedia applications. Our engineers can install, monitor, and maintain voice solutions for businesses of all sizes. Mindsight can provision and deploy your voice solutions on-premise in your in-house data center or if you’d prefer your voice deployment off-site, Mindsight can provision and deploy solutions in a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

What is IP Telephony?

IP telephony has changed the way businesses communicate. Internet Protocol telephony (IP telephony) is a means to transmit voice throughout an organization through IP-based networks. IP telephony offers significant advantages over traditional analog (legacy) systems.

  • Communications can be seamlessly integrated over large areas or multiple locations
  • Offers features not available on traditional systems like video
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Cost effective
  • Improved voice quality

Cisco and Meraki Phones

From basic phone models for low-usage locations to full-featured business models and high-performance multimedia models, there’s a Cisco phone to match any company’s needs.

Meraki phones take IP telephony to the next level. Beyond being a capable IP phone for any enterprise, the new MC74 Cloud Managed Phone is 100% cloud-based. Some additional benefits:

  • Single-Pane-of-Glass
  • No Hardware On-Prem
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Ease of Use and Browser Access
  • Touch Screen Display

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco Unified Communication Manager sits at the center of any organization’s communication and collaboration strategy. It’s the core of your Cisco voice platform. Even if you’re also using a Cisco contact/call center platform or third party call application, every additional component of your voice system will in some way connect or integrate into Communications Manager. Some additional benefits include:

  • Effective, secure communications
  • Reliability
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Interoperability and standards support
  • Scalability for up to 40,000 users, extensible to 80,000 users

Advantages of Mindsight IP Telephony Solutions

Scalable Communications
Mindsight provides highly secure, reliable, and scalable communications that transmit across the client’s LAN and WAN.

Additional Features Available
Cisco IP telephones are compatible with an expansive collection of Cisco and third-party applications.

SIP Capabilities
Take advantage of a wide range of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based capabilities.

Video Capabilities
Face-to-face communication can be as easy as making a phone call.

Wide Selection of Phone Models
Find the phone model with the exact features and capabilities you need.

Mindsight Voice Certifications

  • Cisco Master Collaboration Specialist

    The Master Collaboration Specialist certification is given to technology partners who demonstrate a thorough understanding of Cisco collaboration technology. Whether Jabber, WebEx, Spark, or other tools, Mindsight has proven to be experts with these solutions.

Mindsight Supporting Services

  • Managed Services

    The Mindsight engineering team is ready to help monitor and support your voice solution. Set up a managed services agreement with Mindsight and determine our level of involvement, from basic alerting to full administration.

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  • Collaboration Roadmap

    Our Collaboration Infrastructure Roadmap can give you a detailed picture of the state your collaboration environment and help you build a roadmap of the future.

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  • Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap

    Network expertise is vital to the valuation and deployment of collaboration solutions, and Mindsight’s engineering team is comprised of highly experienced and certified professionals well versed in this technology’s impact on your network performance.

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  • Design and Deployment

    Whether you need help with design, validation, deployment, or most anything else, Mindsight is here to tell you what is possible and what isn’t.

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