Remote Monitoring and Management

We’ll manage your IT infrastructure, providing alert monitoring, issue remediation, and maintenance, optimizing for efficiency and cost.

We'll Monitor and Manage your environment so you can focus on growing your business!

The data center is a diverse collection of different technologies. Servers, storage arrays, switches, hypervisors, applications and the fiber to connect it together. Unfortunately, IT departments often lack the toolsets that provide visibility into how their environments are performing which leads to reactive responses when issues or outages occur.  

Without monitoring capabilities, IT departments may not know about issues until they turn critical. When system performance degrades, the data and metrics needed to diagnose problems quickly and identify changes in trends causing the degradation are not available.  

Right-Sized Monitoring and Management Solutions.

Because of the assortment of components involved, some companies may only require managed services for certain areas of their data center or applications—while others might benefit from more robust support. We can also manage the applications that are most important to the success of your business. Our highly certified engineers are experts in their fields. Our process is designed to deliver excellence and transparency the whole way through, so you always know what you’re getting into. Your success is our main priority. 

When should you consider Remote monitoring and Management?

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From monitoring to troubleshooting and more, Mindsight is a valuable resource in maintaining servers. We can protect your servers from both application downtime and performance issues. Our certified engineers can provide support for physical and virtual servers, on-prem, virtual-workloads, or any cloud environment.

Additional services for servers include:

  • Monitoring and management of anti-malware or EDR solutions installed on servers
  • Diagnosing server performance issues, such as CPU spikes and slow responsiveness from server-run applications
  • Scheduling server patching either monthly or quarterly through automated processes (includes updates to standard applications running on servers)
  • No need for an agent on every serer


The health and proper function of the data center’s storage arrays are of significant importance. Mindsight make sure these devices remain operational and that the data is always accessible. Our certified storage engineers can provide advanced support for both fiber channel or iSCSI connected storage devices.

Additional services for storage include:

  • Monitoring all SAN hardware including disk drives for potential failure events
  • Tracking IOPS and throughput performance on disks, arrays, partitions, and similar components
  • Conducting annual software and firmware updates or when required to resolve issues
  • Managing capacity on arrays or volumes, including disk space management
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Most modern data centers have utilized virtualization technology to increase the efficiency of their environment. Mindsight’s engineering experts can provide advanced support for your hypervisor setup.

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Mindsight offers critical network monitoring and issue resolution. Our certified network engineers provide advanced support, ensuring smooth and secure data transmission across your network. These services cover firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers, and wireless access points.

Additional services for network include:

  • Automatic backup of network device configurations and documentation of all changes for easy reversion if issues arise
  • Coordinating with third-party ISPs on your behalf to address network performance or stability issues – may include packet loss, slow access to servers or applications, etc…
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Voice Services

Ensuring seamless communication, Mindsight provides robust monitoring and issue resolution for voice services. Our certified engineers offer advanced support, maintaining optimal call quality and continuity. Some additional services include:

  • Weekly checks and remediation of any voice server backup processes
  • Configured alerts to detect server failover events, including split-brain scenarios
  • Coordination of calling issue resolution with SIP or traditional PRI providers, including contacting the provider to address dropped calls or poor call quality

Managed Backup Services

Mindsight’s managed backup services provide monitoring and management of your existing backup solution. Our program ensures that backups are running correctly so that your data is protected. These services allow you to focus on business-forward initiatives instead of being bogged down by the cumbersome workload associated with backups.

Mindsight Manages Your Backups Both proactively and reactively

  • Mindsight will be automatically alerted if a backup fails, and will promptly address these issues within the same day

  • We will check your backup solution on a weekly basis to ensure its functionality, mitigating potential issues where automated alerts could have been unsuccessful

  • Our engineers will periodically test your restore capabilities by running test restores

  • We handle any restore requests

  • Mindsight keeps your backup software up-to-date and applies patches when available

Have more questions about remote monitoring and management?

Core Services included with all managed services Offerings:

  • Round-the-clock response to alerts leveraging our team of expert-level engineers

  • Regular installation of patches, firmware, and security updates to devices based upon mutually agreed schedules

  • Coordination of hardware replacement with OEM vendors in case of hardware failure

  • A highly customizable and accurate monitoring platform with the ability to fine-tune metrics

  • A custom-tailored escalation procedure and notification process based on each client's needs

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