Learn How Mindsight is Helping Clients Reduce Risk and Grow

Healthcare Organization
Case Study

Hinsdale Orthopaedics Case Study

Hinsdale Orthopaedics Leverages Mindsight Expertise To Help Drive Growth And Reduce Risk

Before Mindsight

  • Challenges scaling technology rapidly enough to support M&A activity
  • Lean IT team and knowledge gaps in critical areas like security
  • Mounting concerns over PCI and HIPAA compliance, as well as patient data security
  • Multiple scheduling systems and antiquated contact center platform impacting customer experience

Mindsight Solution

  • Mindsight collaborated with leadership to develop a technology strategy to support long-term growth objectives
  • Mindsight assumed management and monitoring of infrastructure, including network and UC systems
  • A PCI solution was developed to meet compliance requirements
  • Expertise was provided in the build-out of a new contact center

Mindsight Impact

  • Mindsight continues to help Hinsdale Orthopaedics minimize data and business risk by ensuring processes and systems meet the most stringent security requirements
  • The patient experience significantly improved with the new contact center and scheduling system
  • IT can focus on strategic initiatives with Mindsight experts on the team
  • Technology scales quickly to meet the demands of the business – today and in the future


“I would definitely consider Mindsight an extension of our IT team. We’ve been partnered with Mindsight for over five years and we continue to work with them because of their people.”

Carlos Dominquez, Information Technology Director
Hinsdale Orthopaedics

Higher Education Institution
Case Study

Leading Global Education Provider Improves Student Learning Experience

Before Mindsight

  • Online access was a challenge for students and staff who were located across 50 campus facilities
  • Students could not access classes and resources online, often losing connectivity in the middle of lectures
  • Students were unable to use multiple devices within single locations 
  • Costs of legacy infrastructure continued to climb

Mindsight Solution

  • Mindsight recommended a pilot of Cisco’s cloud-based Meraki wireless solution 
  • The pilot proved successful; wireless access was deployed across all 50 campus locations within a compressed timeframe
  • Mindsight subsequently implemented a HCI, collaboration, and switching and routing solutions

Mindsight Impact

  • Student learning is greatly enriched; lectures and resources are now accessible when needed across multiple devices
  • The cloud-based wireless solution is easily managed by school staff and provides real-time data with intuitive dashboards and usage-based heatmaps
  • Client significantly reduced costs and improved operational efficiencies with Mindsight’s expertise 


“Mindsight’s depth and breadth of expertise is critical to our success. The Mindsight team understands the nuances of education institutions and continues to deliver solutions that help us meet our business objectives.”

Vice President of Technology
Higher Education Institution

Insurance Company
Case Study

Large Privately-Held Insurance Company Ensures Improved Customer Experience

Before Mindsight

  • Client’s voice verification process was managed by a third party 
  • Agent quality was inconsistent, leading to frustrated callers and dropped calls
  • Calls were recorded and delivered as MP3 files, increasing the insurers’ risk exposure
  • Increasing costs of the verification service 

Mindsight Solution

  • Mindsight developed and implemented a custom interactive voice response (IVR) system leveraging Twilio, a cloud communications platform
  • The solution was architected to meet requirements for DTMF, speech recognition, and call recording 

Mindsight Impact

  • ROI achieved within 3 months of implementing the voice verification solution
  • Fraud identified more rapidly and accurately, providing significant financial returns
  • The underwriting process is more efficient
  • Disputes addressed quickly with voice verification 
  • Customers experience a more fluid, frictionless journey when calling the insurer


“Our voice verification system is critical to our business as it helps us detect and identify fraud in real-time, enabling staff to act immediately. Mindsight has been a key partner in building out this solution.”

Vice President of Customer Experience
Large Insurance Company in Illinois

Food Manufacturer
Case Study

Global Food Manufacturer Safeguards Operations

Before Mindsight

  • A rise in malicious activities targeting manufacturing companies led IT to evaluate its ability to recover from a disaster
  • An outdated disaster recovery plan had not been tested regularly
  • RPOs and RTOs had not been aligned to the needs of the business as the company expanded internationally 

Mindsight Solution

  • Mindsight developed and implemented a disaster recovery strategy aligned to the evolving needs of the organization
  • Disaster recovery is fully managed by Mindsight, including quarterly DR testing 
  • Operations are replicated across multiple data centers
  • Conversations are currently underway to ensure DR is aligned with the company’s security strategy 

Mindsight Impact

  • The client is well-prepared to respond and recover when disaster occurs
  • Operational and business impact – from production to shipping to sales – is minimized in the event of an attack due to routinely tested robust plan
  • The client has peace of mind knowing Mindsight is managing such a critical piece of the IT strategy 


“Mindsight has been a long-term strategic partner whose expertise in disaster recovery is integral to ongoing operations of the company.”

Director of Information Technology
Global Food Manufacturer