Protecting the Fundamentals of Modern Business

Every employee in every business – from the enterprise to the local SMB – depends on applications like email and Active Directory to do their jobs. These fundamentals not only make the basics of your business function, they also enable innovation so your teams can build better products and deliver better services for your customers.

Mindsight’s expert engineers have seen it all, and they can help your business deploy, troubleshoot, update, and deliver these applications to your teams, helping the organization remain competitive in an evolving business landscape.

Core Infrastructure Applications from Mindsight

  • Active Directory

    Active Directory manages user profiles, restrictions, and passwords from a central location. Using Active Directory protects this critical information and allows your IT department to create user profiles, enable single sign-on, and access a collection of user role and encryption software to organize your workforce.

    Mindsight’s Active Directory services include:

    • AD Domain Services
    • AD Lightweight Directory Services
    • AD Certificate Services
    • AD Federation Services
    • AD Rights Management Services

  • Microsoft Exchange

    A Microsoft Exchange server provides the foundation for your email and calendar applications. Through Exchange, companies have access to enterprise-wide email, shared calendars and contacts, native security measures, and user management features.

    Mindsight’s expert-level-only engineers can help you migrate, upgrade, or replace your Exchange server through the following services:

    • Exchange ActiveSync; MAPI/HTTP
    • IMAP
    • POP

  • Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365 (O365) delivers a suite of Microsoft Office and collaboration applications through the cloud. Users can connect to their 0365 applications through any internet connection, anywhere, and on any device.

    MS O365 benefits include:

    • Less hardware
    • Fewer administrative costs
    • Embedded disaster recovery
    • Built-in Security Features
    • Improved scalability

  • VDI

    Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) moves desktop software to a central data center, so users can access desktop software as simply as an email account. This lowers costs and improves service levels.

    VDI benefits include:

    • Lower cost of ownership
    • Faster deployment and management
    • Freedom from hardware
    • Improved security
    • Embedded disaster recovery
    • Remote work enablement

  • SCCM

    System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is an invaluable deployment tool to help control and distribute software to desktops, servers, laptops, and other devices across the network.

    SCCM benefits include:

    • Improved user productivity
    • Unified IT management
    • Simplified administration
    • Streamlined updates with OS
    • Consolidated reporting

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