Microsoft Office 365

Access Your Office Programs Anywhere and on Any Device


Microsoft Office 365 (O365) is composed of the same Microsoft Office suite that we already enjoy and has been a staple in businesses for thirty years. The primary difference is that these powerful programs are now accessible from the cloud—making them more convenient and ready for the challenges of modern business. The team can use Microsoft Office, Skype for Business, SharePoint, and more from any device and from any location, so long as they have a connection to the internet.

As Chicago technology consultants, Mindsight has the expertise and understanding to help you navigate an O365 deployment.

Do Business in the Cloud with Office 365

Less Hardware
Because O365 is a cloud-based application, it only requires an internet connection to access the software. There’s no disks, no installation, and no servers on-premise to power the solution.

Fewer Administration Costs
Office 365 automatically updates to the latest version of the software. The in-house IT team no longer needs to spend time patching and updating applications on endpoints or in the data center.

Disaster Recovery
Office 365 is hosted in the Microsoft Azure public cloud. If a disaster strikes your environment, your Office 365 deployment will still be readily accessible.

The Microsoft Azure public cloud is built to be as secure as possible. Your office data will be housed in one of the most sophisticated, advanced cloud data centers on the planet.

Scaling your O365 deployment is as easy as purchasing new licenses online. In just a few clicks, your new employees will receive their O365 logins.

Mindsight Data Center Certifications

  • Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solutions Provider

    By maintaining the Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solutions Provider, Mindsight possesses an up-to-date and in-depth understanding of the cutting-edge solutions from Microsoft.

Mindsight Supporting Services

  • Path to the Cloud Analysis

    Move more of your applications to the cloud with the Path to the Cloud Analysis. One of our senior consultants will arrive at your office to help you discover which applications are ready to be migrated, and what steps you can take to move towards a cloud deployment.


Deployment Models

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based application.

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