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Maintaining on-premise infrastructure is costly, particularly for emerging and midmarket companies. Increasingly, organizations are moving from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model to gain more flexibility, accessibility, risk mitigation, and cost performance. Rather than purchasing and refreshing hardware every 3 – 5 years, which requires large upfront costs, companies are spreading those payments out and paying only for the services they need. However, a lack of in-house talent to build a cloud strategy, migrate workloads, and manage costs of cloud environments often prevents companies from optimizing a cloud plan.

Mindsight is a recognized cloud and managed services provider based in Chicago serving midmarket companies. Our IT consultants and engineers are 100% expert-only with AWS and Azure certifications that help you assess where you are today in your cloud journey today and where you need to be, migrate the right workloads seamlessly, manage the process, infrastructure, and cloud environment along the way, and optimize the environments for ideal performance, accessibility, and cost management. We become an extension of your IT team.

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Cloud Assessments

Typically, organizations are overprovisioning – and overspending – on current cloud deployments by up to 80%!

Our highly certified experts assess your on-premise environment and review your hybrid cloud configuration to create a strategic cloud roadmap. Whether you are currently operating on-premise or in the cloud, we will help you identify server usage metrics, application interdependencies, server interdependencies, and licensing.

Gain Valuable Insights from a Mini Cloud Assessment

Our experts step on-site for a dive into your infrastructure – identifying what you have, where, and why – and hand-deliver your Cloud Insights Report. The report includes the immediate next steps you can take to maximize your on-premise and cloud infrastructure for the world of tomorrow. Some report insights might include:

High level assessment of whether the cloud is right for your organization.
Recommendations for which cloud provider, or multi-cloud approach, would best meet your strategic needs.
Application / server migration document overview

Cloud Migrations

We help you migrate securely and strategically to the cloud while aligning to your organizational goals. From single applications to entire shifts, our 100% expert-only team of engineers can design and implement a custom-built migration strategy that makes sense for your business. Our migration strategies align business objectives with the environment. Using a validated server matrix and measurable milestones, we’ll build, test, and deploy your cloud environment, providing you the technical expertise necessary to achieve all the benefits of cloud computing.

Managed Cloud

Mindsight manages your cloud environment, allowing you to focus on growing your business and developing software applications that are game changers. We monitor workloads, providing advanced alerting, patch servers, perform infrastructure support, and address ongoing security challenges.

Managed cloud services clients have access to our customer monitoring portal and the breadth of Mindsight’s services, including the largest 100% expert–only engineering team and security specialists who provide proactive support. 

The complexities of migrating and managing cloud environments are the main reasons midmarket organizations often choose a managed IT services provider with deep, specialized expertise in designing, migrating and optimizing hybrid, multi-cloud environments. If you choose to self-manage your cloud deployments, ensure your teams have defined levels of management and understand the complexity of cloud provider and business responsibility protocols.

Cloud Optimization

We work to continually optimize our clients’ cloud environments, whether they have public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud architectures. For businesses already in the cloud, we assess, review, and optimize your current cloud deployments. Some of the elements we analyze include:

  • Components/design architecture
  • Existing billing usage
  • Storage usage
  • Networking
  • components
  • Cloud data center usage
    Location usage
  • Redundancy

Companies are often overprovisioning by up to 80%. We’ll help your team secure your cloud environments, optimize access to cloud-based applications and workloads, and ensure network connectivity.

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