Hybrid Flash Storage

Flash and Disk — The Best of Both Worlds


Flash storage is on the rise in the storage world, but it isn’t right for every environment just yet. The cost of flash, though greatly reducing and becoming more affordable every year, is still significantly higher than disk-based solutions. Before everyone throws out their disk storage array, consider the value of a hybrid flash alternative. Combining the expansive capacity and low cost per gig price of disk storage with the unbeatable speeds of an SSD drive, hybrid flash storage is truly the best of both worlds.

Mindsight’s team of highly certified engineers and knowledgeable consultants can help you navigate this flash storage question. We have experience and relationships with all the major hybrid flash developers and can provide the insight to make the best choice. Our consultants can determine which all flash manufacturer will best suit your needs and whether hybrid flash is the best approach for your specific environment.

Benefits of a Hybrid Flash Array

  • Superior Cost per Gig: Due to the inclusion of a disk storage, hybrid flash arrays have a significantly lower cost per gig rate than their all flash counterparts.
  • The Best of Both Worlds: The combination of flash and disk allows the environment to prioritize a few business critical applications with the exceptional performance of flash while still maintaining the capacity to house numerous petabytes of data.
  • Advanced Data Tiering: Hybrid flash presents an opportunity to restructure your data hierarchy. Instead of organizing data based on applications, data can be stored based on priority. The most important data will use the speed of flash.
  • Storage Virtualization: Hybrid flash solutions can be easily virtualized. This can significantly reduce the amount of time your storage administrators spend managing the array.
  • As Much Flash as You Need: Only use as much flash as is required for your environment to thrive. Instead of committing to one side or the other, a hybrid array allows you to pinpoint how much flash storage is cost effective for your environment.

Mindsight Data Storage Certifications

  • Cisco Gold Partner

    Our Gold Partner status demonstrates our expertise in the latest data center technologies. Part of earning the certification involved acquiring the Cisco Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization. With both of these qualifications, Mindsight stands as a valuable consulting resource in the areas of unified management, unified fabric, and unified computing technologies.

Mindsight Supporting Services

  • Managed Services

    Mindsight is available to assist with the management of your hybrid flash storage array or entire data center. We offer monitoring, alerts, maintenance, or even full administration of your storage solution in customizable contracts.

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  • Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap

    Bring in a Mindsight senior consultant to assess your existing storage solution, or other area of your data center. Our Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap provides a detailed report of a technology’s capacity, reliability, and vulnerabilities. From there, we work together to find and capitalize on opportunities for improvement.

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  • Path to the Cloud Analysis

    Cloud is on the lips of every IT department in the industry. Let Mindsight help guide you there with our Path to the Cloud Analysis. Our senior consultants will analyze your environment, identify any applications ready to be launched into the cloud, and provide a plan for moving forward.

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Hybrid Flash Storage Deployment Models


Support your tier one applications with a hybrid flash storage array deployed in your in-house data center.


Deploy your hybrid flash storage array in a colocated, off-site data center.


Your hybrid flash storage array can be deployed in a hybrid or private cloud environment.

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