Collaboration Roadmap Overview

Mindsight has extensive experience deploying, managing, and strategizing around modern collaboration solutions. Voice, telepresence, web conferencing, and chat technologies can allow your team to connect offices across the globe and work on projects as if everyone were just across the table. Mindsight leverages our decades of experience and advanced certifications to offer an important consultation service. The Collaboration Roadmap will help you wield these solutions to improve communication, clarity, and efficiency in your business. Our consultants and your team will not simply discuss products and applications. Together, we’ll work with the entire organization to transform how your company collaborates, engages, and interacts.

The Collaboration Roadmap is performed by a Mindsight senior consultant and solutions architect. It combines a 1-2 week onsite evaluation with a detailed report and presentation on our findings. During the onsite evaluation, our consultant does everything possible to understand the current collaboration strategy and assess the goals of the company, executives, and department heads.

The Roadmap Includes

• Discussion of the ideal collaboration strategy and solutions for your business goals
• Analysis of current technology against best practices
• Discussion of new versions and upcoming releases
• Systematic analysis of the entire UC infrastructure and its individual components
• Network assessment of the UC environment
• Quality of Service (QoS) analysis

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Report Deliverables

• Executive Summary
• System Overview
• System Insights and Findings
• Feature Comparison and Known Issues
• Individual technology analysis with the following sections for each technology:
        o Summary
        o Findings
        o Recommendations
• Strategic Recommendations and Next Steps
• Collaboration Roadmap
• Conclusion


We are happy to customize the report to suit your needs. We can focus on a specific technology, process, or a
general evaluation of your collaboration environment. If there is a specific item that you would like us to add,
please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate.

Collaboration Roadmap Use Case

Reviewing and Analyzing the Existing Deployment and Utilization

The value of collaboration solutions is often found in how they are used and how they complement your
business processes. The Collaboration Roadmap can be used to develop strategies on how to implement
and integrate new collaboration solutions into your existing workflows. This will help you improve how you
collaborate internally as well as with partners, vendors, and customers. Our consultants will meet technical and
non-technical business unit leaders to learn about the core challenges and goals of the business. From there, we
can discuss how collaboration tools can be better utilized to achieve those goals.

Collaboration Roadmap Brochure

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