“I Need Help Now!”: The Rise in Rapid Response Virtual AgentsRead

  November 24, 2020 Can’t stand being on hold when you call a business to ask questions or gripe or book an appointment? Of course you can’t. No one can, not least of all because the “music” that often accompanies these waits is awful. It’s a longstanding problem that has only worsened since the Covid-19 […]

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS): A Contact Center ReportRead

  September 29, 2020 The modern version of a contact center, also referred to as a call center, houses much more than headset-wearing customer service reps and rows of phones. Equipped with the latest technology and located largely in the Americas and Europe, an increasing number of them aren’t even centers in the traditional sense […]

End of Life Phones Get an Extension for 2020Read

  September 24, 2020 After nearly two decades in service and one decade of being unserviceable, many of Cisco’s older phones are about to face the final curtain. Or are they? Many that heard the news in recent months have likely been panic-stricken about replacing the impacted phones. Fortunately, Cisco just issued a bit of […]

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