Banking and AI: A Security ReportRead

Banks are increasingly exploiting AI — and being exploited by it. Mindsight’s Mishaal Khan discusses the implications of AI in banking, and how financial institutions are responding to threats.

Security in Banking: A Cybersecurity ReportRead

Cyber attacks were up yet again in the first half of 2021, but the banking industry was disproportionately affected, experiencing a 1,318 percent year-on-year increase in ransomware attacks. Mindsight’s Mishaal Khan discusses these startling stats, and what to do.

Prevent Fraud in the Contact CenterRead

  June 23, 2015 I called my bank yesterday to complete a wire transfer. After answering a couple of basic questions about my account and personal information, I was able to instantly transfer a considerable amount of money from my savings account to my retirement account.  Answers to my security questions could easily be mined […]