Security Threats on the Internet of ThingsRead

  December 15, 2015 Even just a quick google search on “The Internet of Things” yields an eclectic mix of ideas, responses, and projections. AT&T is excited about the future prospect of connected cars, wearable devices, and smart cities. Meanwhile, others are connecting devices we never thought were necessary, like Hamwell’s e-Shower. Still, one undeniable […]

Office 365: Saving Money With The CloudRead

  December 14, 2015 In January 2013, CNN Money penned a brief article in response to the Office 365 announcement with the provocative title, “Microsoft wants you to pay $100 a year for Office.” The article gave a high level overview of Office 365, then in its fledgling state, and focused on the monthly subscription […]

An Intro to Cisco Intercloud and its Security FeaturesRead

  December 8, 2015 The refinement of data center technology has been a process of condensing resources to optimize the use of hardware. With virtualization, hypervisors were implemented to cut down the required amount of physical hardware necessary to run the same number of applications. Then, the data center itself was virtualized to create a […]

Omnichannel Needs Provoke Change in the Contact CenterRead

  December 7, 2015 Technology and the internet have infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives and raised our standards of communication. If someone wants to reach a friend, whether through a call, chat, email, or social media, there are numerous channels by which to contact them. Unsurprisingly, consumers expect that same level of availability […]

How WiFi Works: The Wireless Network JourneyRead

In nearly every home, apartment, office, and pocket there is a device capable of sending and receiving information through a WiFi signal. It’s one of the most common technologies in use today, yet many of us don’t know how it actually works. Truly, WiFi is an amazing technology that makes the convenience and power of […]

Mindsight Named One of 28 UCCE Advanced Technology ProvidersRead

  December 1, 2015 Cisco recently named Mindsight one of only 28 UCCE Advanced Technology Providers in America. This highly exclusive partnership enables the Mindsight engineering team to design and deploy both Packaged Contact Center Enterprise as well as the complete Unified Contact Center Enterprise solutions throughout our service area. Only twenty-eight companies in the U.S. […]

Advanced Technology In Soldier Field And Across NFLRead

  November 27, 2015 The National Football League (NFL) has done an excellent job of incorporating technological advancements into their stadiums and pushing the envelope as to what is possible. Soldier Field, home to the Chicago Bears, is no different. Since its renovation in 2003, the lakefront stadium has seen a few key upgrades as […]

Centralize Desktop OS Deployment with the Citrix XenDesktopRead

  November 24, 2015 While the future of technology can, at times, be uncertain, clear trends are still identifiable. The refinement of cloud technology continues to move applications and infrastructure out of the office location and into cloud data centers. This shift in the paradigm has given rise to such terms and concepts as “infrastructure […]

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