Software Defined Storage Is on the Rise, But IT Culture Needs to ChangeRead

  October 26, 2016 Across the IT industry, virtualized and “software defined” solutions are rising in popularity. Whether the desktop or the network, new technologies are hitting the market to either virtualize or abstract the intelligence of the data center. Less discussed, but no less viable, of these technologies is known as software defined storage […]

Two Alternative Use Cases for Hyperconverged InfrastructureRead

  September 25, 2016 Hyperconverged infrastructure is a radical shift in data center planning and design. Normally, the core elements of a data center—computing, storage, and networking—are all separate components and separate pieces of hardware. In a hyperconverged infrastructure, however, all those elements are combined into a single box. That’s a huge change from the […]

Top IT Challenges for the SMB: Strategic ThinkingRead

  July 12, 2016 A small-to-medium sized business (SMB) faces many of the same challenges as an enterprise organization, however, an SMB doesn’t have the same resources to overcome obstacles. The IT department of an SMB is almost always small, consisting of a handful of professionals tasked with a huge responsibility. The challenge of maintaining, […]

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