Annual Roadmap Sneak Peek: VMware in 2018


August 29, 2017

In just a few weeks, Mindsight will be hosting its biggest event of the year. Mindsight’s Annual Roadmap Conference is a full day of seminars on the technology industry’s biggest trends and innovations. Learn about the technologies poised to make an impact in 2018. This is a perfect opportunity to peek over the technology horizon and learn what works, what to expect, and what technologies are about to change everything.

We’re releasing a final sneak peek interview with one of our session hosts, Chris Pereira, a Solutions Architect at Mindsight, in the video below. We discussed VMware Operations Center and what else is new over at VMware.


Sneak Peek: VMware in 2018



Projecting Storage Capacity and Reclaiming VMs


One of the most valuable aspects of VMware Operations Manager is the insight it gives you into your collection of virtual machines. To start, VMware Operations Center will analyze your storage consumption rate over time and project into the future when the environment will exceed storage capacity. If the rate of consumption changes, the projected date will respond in turn. Using this insight, you can properly prepare and budget for any expanded storage needs. A large capital expenditure like a new storage device for your data center would be hard to fit into an already tight IT budget. VM Operations Manager helps you prepare for the inevitable.

Beyond storage projects, VMware Operations Manager can also help you reclaim underutilized or dormant VMs. These unused VMs still consume space in the storage array, and more than you might think. In a recent case study, we helped a client reclaim 450 gigs of RAM memory and 8TB of storage simply by removing wasted space on the hypervisor.


More to Learn about VMware in 2018


Operations Center is but one aspect of our Up Close and Virtual: Looking at VMware in 2018 session. We’ll discuss all of the flagship VMware products, talk about new versions and updates, new features, and new opportunities. If you use VMware in your environment, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to optimize your VMware applications and improve your IT systems.


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