Software Defined Storage Is on the Rise, But IT Culture Needs to ChangeRead

  October 26, 2016 Across the IT industry, virtualized and “software defined” solutions are rising in popularity. Whether the desktop or the network, new technologies are hitting the market to either virtualize or abstract the intelligence of the data center. Less discussed, but no less viable, of these technologies is known as software defined storage […]

NetApp All Flash Storage Launches to the #2 SpotRead

  August 16, 2016 Though some may say that NetApp all flash storage was “late to the game” in the market, their recent performance has proven critics wrong. In the first quarter of 2016, NetApp finds itself in the number two spot for overall market share of the all flash array market. That’s an impressive […]

All Flash from Pure Storage: Lower TCO than DiskRead

  August 7, 2016 For years, the largest barrier preventing flash storage from becoming a mainstay in the storage market was price. Even today, there is the perception that flash storage is effective but expensive, powerful but pricey. This may have been true in 2010, but the cost of all flash storage from developers such […]

Inventive Ways To Cool A Data Center: Fans To The ArcticRead

  July 29, 2016 Challenges in the data center are always at a massive scale. Whereas a small company may need to make a few special accommodations for their in-house data center, a server farm needs to find a way to guarantee that thousands of servers and storage devices stay in operation. They need to […]

All Flash Converged Infrastructure: Supercharge The Data CenterRead

  July 24, 2016 Over the past few years, new faces in the storage industry arose to further the innovation of flash storage technology. Companies such as Nimble and Pure Storage made their names selling hybrid and all flash storage arrays to enterprises and SMBs. At the same time, already established storage developers, such as […]

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