Engineering T-Cells to Cure CancerRead

  December 16, 2016 For decades, doctors and scientists have pursued practical and affordable treatments for cancer. For the most part, they have been met with uneven success, but biotechnology companies, Cellectis, Editas Medicine, and Intellia Therapeutics, are working on a new method of treatment with wide-reaching implications. The discovery that the immune system fights […]

How to Get Hired in the Tech IndustryRead

  November 16, 2016 The technology industry is notoriously competitive. When searching for new employment, engineers, solution architects, programmers, and other technology professionals need every advantage they can get to stand out in a crowded market. While the internet is flooded with articles on how to ace your next interview and tweak your résumé, recruiters […]

Power Laces Are Here— The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0Read

  November 11, 2016 They say that art predicts the future, but this is eerie. Some of the predictions of the future from the movie Back to the Future Part II have turned out to be surprisingly accurate. In the film, time-hopping teenager, Marty McFly, travels to the year 2015 to prevent his son from […]

Cubs Win! Baseball Tech and PITCHf/xRead

  November 4, 2016 Well, it has finally happened. After 108 years struggling to return to the World Series, the Chicago Cubs are champions once again. As a Chicago-based company, we couldn’t be more thrilled. After being down 3-1 in the series, the Cubs battled back to win three in a row and secure the […]

Halloween Tech: Ghouls, Gadgets, and ApplicationsRead

  October 31, 2016 Halloween is here. It’s a time of monsters, mayhem, and—of course—candy. But, Halloween today is a far cry from what it was ten or twenty years ago. Like everything else in our lives, technology has molded it, changed it, and made it more connected. Take a look around on the most […]

New Football Helmet Tech Could Eliminate ConcussionsRead

  September 18, 2016 It’s football season once again, and aside from seeing endless fantasy football commercials, it also marks the reigniting of discussions about the concussion issue in the NFL. In recent years, studies have shown that the long term effects of concussions can be disastrous to a football player’s mental and physical health. […]

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