Two Sides of the PureCloud Engage Dashboard


December 22, 2016

The contact/call center has two distinct teams—management and the agents. Both teams work closely together to make the contact/call center operate effectively, but each has very different responsibilities. Therefore, an effective contact/call center platform must be able to equip both sides of the team with the tools and information they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

PureCloud Engage, by Genesys, understands this principle and provides two unique dashboards for agents and management.


The Agent Call

The PureCloud Engage dashboard for agent calls is as user-friendly and straightforward. Once logged on, the user is prompted to select which call queues they will be working on that day. Then, the agent still has the ability to toggle on and toggle off their availability within the queue through a simple switch in the top right of the screen. After toggling on, a call will immediately be routed to the agent.

The call is answered by clicking a green telephone icon in the center of the screen, and the call is underway. During the call, the agent will have the script associated with the queue displayed before them. The agent can then add notes about the call or contact in a second tab.

Furthermore, call features such as mute, hold, and transfer functions are activated by clicking clear icons towards the top of the dashboard. To transfer the call, the agent must then type in the name, number, or queue of who they’d like to transfer to with the option of consulting with that agent first.

In summary, PureCloud Engage makes sure that all the necessary tools the agent needs are clearly labeled and easy to find on the dashboard. Without any training at all, an agent can likely navigate their way through the dashboard and start taking calls immediately.


Dashboard View

A contact/call center manager’s greatest challenge is getting a bird’s eye view of the contact/call center operation. At any time, management needs to be able to get a sense of how the team is preforming, so PureCloud Engage offers a dashboard view which organizes this information for easy reference by management.

The dashboard displays service level percentages, average speed of answer, abandon rates, calls in queue, and calls in progress in one comprehensive screen. With a simple glance, the contact/call center manager can spot bottlenecks in a call queue or investigate poor KPI performance. Should the contact/call center manager notice an issue, they can drill down into individual queues from that same dashboard to find expanded data and call recordings from that specific queue.

The PureCloud Engage dashboard takes away the guesswork in contact/call center management and equips you with the tools to respond to issues immediately.


PureCloud Dives Deeper

This is just a brief overview of some of the information PureCloud Engage provides contact/call center professionals. Beyond agent and management dashboards, PureCloud allows management to develop quality assurance surveys and evaluations, analytics reports, and more. Though the application is in the cloud and accessed through a web browser it is just as robust and powerful as traditional contact/call center platforms.

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