The Undeniable Case for Contact Center as a Service Solutions


December 1, 2016

The technology industry has been shifting to an “as a service” model as the cloud continues to gain popularity. In essence, systems, processes, programs, and applications that once were constructed, supported, and hosted in the company’s IT environment are now accessible as a prepackaged service from a 3rd party company. Whether is it software as a service, which allows you to access a full application through your web browser, or infrastructure as a service, which allows you to rent out data center hardware for your company’s workloads, developers are scrambling to find new aspects of the IT environment that can be offered as a service.

One of the latest to join the service ranks is known as “contact center as a service” (CCaaS), and through it, customers can deploy a complete contact/call center management platform in their environment without the need to purchase and maintain hardware in the data center. The most notable example of this new breed of contact/call center is Genesys’s PureCloud solution, and it marks a turning point for contact/call centers everywhere.


The Case for PureCloud and Contact Center as a Service


As infrastructure consultants, it is our job to help companies select and deploy the infrastructure they need to achieve their business goals, but sometimes, the best infrastructure to have is none at all.


On the IT Side

In order to run a contact/call center platform under the traditional model, the IT team would need to purchase and maintain the infrastructure to support the application. This translates to thousands in upfront capital expenditure (CapEx) as well as an ongoing commitment of time and resources from the in-house team to make sure the equipment performs as expected. Without the proper care for the underlying technology behind the contact/call center, the system will no longer be able to function.

With the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) model and PureCloud, all of this work behind the scenes disappears. The infrastructure that used to eat up the in-house IT team’s time and budget is now the responsibility of the cloud provider. Instead, the customer only needs to subscribe to the service, pay the monthly rate, and access their complete cloud platform through their standard web browser.

It’s also important to note that the leading CCaaS solutions are in no way inferior to their on-prem counterparts. For example, the cloud-hosted contact/call center platform from Genesys’s, PureCloud, can compete with any other contact/call center solution on the market today.


On the Contact/Call Center Side

The data center is not the responsibility of the contact/call center, but their benefits have a direct positive impact on the contact/call center itself. When a company adopts the Contact Center as a Service model, it greatly reduces the threat of downtime. Any server or storage array can malfunction in a data center, but in a cloud environment, the equipment often operates as one ubiquitous pool of resources. It would require extreme circumstances to knock out the entire cloud.

This means that no matter what, your contact/call center will be up and running.

Furthermore, CCaaS solutions like PureCloud enable a contact/call center to deploy remote agents more easily than on premise solutions. Agents working from home or a remote site need only log in to their PureCloud account to gain access to the full features of the solution.

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