Genesys is a leader for omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, trusted by 10000+ companies in over 100 countries. Genesys, founded in 1990, is headquartered in Daly City, California.

As a cloud-hosted service, PureCloud offers modern enterprises a number of advantages. Companies do not need to purchase, support, or refresh any data center hardware on-premise. Instead, users simply access their PureCloud solution through their internet connections.

On the other end of the spectrum is PureConnect. PureConnect is a full-feature traditional contact/call center platform perfectly suited for a wide range of business sizes and complexities.


  • PureCloud

    PureCloud is the next generation cloud platform that provides the fastest time to deployment and a cost effective, scalable, multichannel contact center and unified communications solution.

  • PureConnect

    PureConnect (powered by CIC and CaaS)​ is the all-in-one contact center solution that enables you to interact with your customers over phone, chat, text, or tweets all within a single application while offering customization and integration.

  • PureEngage

    PureEngage (powered by Genesys Enterprise Edition) delivers the only truly omnichannel customer experience to meet even the most complex transformational use cases. Create your ideal customer journey with PureEngage.


    • PureCloud Elite Partner
    • CIC Elite Partner

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