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March 3, 2017

In technology, it can be difficult to get a real sense of how an application or piece of hardware will truly function in your environment. The technology industry is full of marketing content highlighting the benefits of a product while obscuring or minimizing its drawbacks, but IT directors and companies aren’t looking for fluff. They want to know if the solution will work, why it will be valuable in their environment, and what other considerations need to be made for it to operate effectively. The best way to get that level of insight into a product is to get your hands on it yourself. This notion is even confirmed by new research from TrustRadius. Free trials and demos was selected as the most helpful information source in a 2017 survey.

For that reason, Mindsight now offers the Two for Two program with Pure Storage and Cisco.

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The Two for Two Demo

For two hours, you and your team will have the opportunity to tinker with some of the best technology on the market. Hosted by Mindsight principal consultants, we have a standing FlashStack ready and waiting to be demoed at our offices in Downers Grove. We encourage you to bring your workloads, bring your questions, and learn as much as you can at the Two for Two Demo. Plus, we’ll even provide breakfast or lunch, depending on when you come.


The Pure Storage FlashStack: A Converged Infrastructure Solution

In recent years, Cisco has partnered with storage developers across the industry to create converged infrastructure solutions. The FlashStack is the result of Cisco’s partnership with Pure Storage. As a converged infrastructure solution, the FlashStack serves as a ready-to-launch data center. Each component is already compatible, configured, and ready to integrate together thereby eliminating the guesswork and legwork in deploying data center hardware. Best of all, the FlashStack leverages cutting-edge of storage technology and the impressive power of Pure Storage’s all flash storage.


The FlashStack Includes:

  • Pure Storage All Flash Array
  • Nexus Switching
  • Cisco United Computing System (UCS)
  • Cisco Validated Design


Your Opportunity for Hands-On Experience

Two for Two is not a passive demo. You and your team will take the lead as you explore the capabilities of the FlashStack. Our consultants are simply on hand to help answer questions and provide guidance if necessary. There’s no sales pitches, no power point presentations. It’s more like a test drive. You’re behind the wheel and you call the shots.

You never buy a car without first taking it for a spin, so before you make any hardware purchases this year, make sure you take the Cisco and Pure Storage FlashStack for a test drive.

Slots are limited, so schedule your session today.

Register For A Demo Day Today

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