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Pure Storage is a new, but rapidly growing contender in the storage scene. Pure focuses on all flash storage arrays, big data analytics, and their all flash converged infrastructure with Cisco—the FlashStack. Pure Storage’s main point of difference is their proficiency with all flash and their Evergeen Storage maintenance model.

Flash storage is an alternative storage platform to hard disk drives. Instead of a spinning disk read by a mechanical arm, the entire process is electrical. This leads to far superior performance levels and a much smaller data center footprint. By switching to all flash storage, companies have been able to reduce the size of their data center while increasing their IOPS. Thanks to data reduction and deduplication techniques employed by Pure Storage, flash has recently come down in price. It can be purchased and deployed at a price competitive with traditional spinning disk solutions.

Pure’s Evergreen Storage maintenance model is unique in the industry. Every three years, Pure will replace your flash controller for free. In addition, Pure Storage flash is designed to avoid those “fork-lift upgrades.” Users can scale out, expand, and upgrade their storage solution without tearing out the previous installation. There’s no wasted time. There’s no downtime at all. It just works.

A third facet to the Evergreen Storage maintenance model is the Right Size Guarantee. Pure and Mindsight will work with your team, gather the appropriate data requirements, and apply Pure’s workload intelligence. This computation will give us the perfect array size to fit the needs of your business.


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