Why More Organizations Are Moving to a Managed IT Services Approach


February 14, 2018

Managed IT services is essentially outsourcing some or all of your IT functions to a third party  based on a mutual agreement of responsibilities. The client company contacts a managed services provider (MSP) to assist in the support of IT functions for the business. From there, the agreement can take any number of forms based on the capabilities of the MSP and the needs of the client.

In this article, we’ll walk through the fundamental concepts surrounding managed services, their value in the modern IT environment, and how managed services providers, like Mindsight, approach offering these services to clients.


The Value of Managed IT Services


Managed Services is NOT the Outsourcing of the IT Department


Though you could potentially view managed services as the outsourcing of your IT department, it is not the optimal perspective. Managed service providers are not out to take jobs. Instead, it is best to think of managed IT services in one of two ways:


Strengthen Your Team: Perhaps your IT team has strong storage and compute expertise, but they lack specialization in new networking technologies. Rather than seeking out and hiring a full time professional, managed services allows you to acquire the trained professionals on an as-needed basis.

Alternatively, your IT team may just need an extra layer of support in certain circumstances. An SMB may find it difficult to staff overnight or holiday monitoring for the IT department. When employees want to take vacations, covering the environment can prove a challenge. One of the primary functions of any Mindsight managed services agreement is 24/7 remote monitoring. This allows an IT director to keep their department lean without incurring additional risk.


Offload Day-to-Day Tasks: IT departments of all sizes often find themselves preoccupied with day to day tasks. Updates, patches, tech support, maintenance, and monitoring responsibilities can leave a leadership team with little time to think strategically. Managed IT services offers the opportunity to lift your nose from the grindstone. Offload these repetitive maintenance tasks to a managed service provider and free up some hours during the day to look at the big picture.

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Managed Services as an Alternative to Hiring


Managed IT services offers the opportunity to circumvent these hiring challenges in the market. Mindsight staffs highly certified, highly experienced specialists in every technology area. Rather than trying to compete in the hiring market, you can access these specialists to fill specific needs in your company—oftentimes—for less than the cost of a full-time employee.


Hiring Challenges in the Chicago Market


It is notoriously difficult to recruit top IT talent in general, but the Chicago market offers its own challenges. Here is a quick summary of why you might run into roadblocks looking to find additional IT help.


  • Standard Infrastructure: Many businesses in the small to midmarket space have fairly standard IT operations and a limited IT budget. IT professionals with specialized skills will rarely have an opportunity to flex these muscles or work with cutting edge technologies outside of enterprise deployments.


  • IT Salary: The average IT director salary is north of $140,000 and lower level employees can attract significant compensation as well. Companies can find it difficult to secure high enough salaries to compete with enterprise companies.


  • Technical Incubators: Chicago has a lively technology scene with several technology incubators scooping up your promising professionals for their startups.


  • Mature Technology Companies: In addition to technology incubators, many large technology companies have offices in the Chicago area including GrubHub, Groupon, Microsoft, Cisco, and more.


For more information on these hiring challenges, read our blog, 4 Reasons Your IT Recruitment Is Struggling.


Managed Services at Mindsight


Managed services at Mindsight is much like we’ve already described. We offer managed service agreements to assist your IT department in any capacity that is required. From simple monitoring to full administration of your IT environment, Mindsight is ready to help your business reach its goals.

More specifically, we offer managed services in five key areas:


  • Remote Monitoring and Management: The most basic, and in some ways most important, aspect of managed IT services is remote monitoring and management. From our in-house Network Operations Center (NOC), our team can monitor and support your IT environment.


  • Collaboration and Contact Center: Communication is central to any business operation. Mindsight can help support your collaboration and/or contact center technology. We have IT specialists on staff who are certified in both Cisco and Genesys contact center solutions.


  • Cloud Managed IT Services: The cloud is the big question for every company. If you’re not using it yet, how can you best utilize a cloud deployment? If you’re already in the cloud, how do you ensure your applications perform at their best? Mindsight can help answer all these questions and more.


  • Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery: In the event of a disaster, you need to have a plan. Mindsight can help develop this plan, deploy it, and test it regularly. Mindsight’s managed backup and disaster recovery will ensure that you’re ready for the unexpected.


  • Security as a Service: To protect the cloud, you need a security solution built for the cloud. Mindsight’s security as a service offering is designed to reduce risk in your environment without compromising the value of your cloud deployment.


Managed Services as a Catch-All Support Solution


In essence, managed services provides companies with a convenient way to solve their IT operational challenges. No matter what the problems consist of, there is a managed services agreement from Mindsight that can help.

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