Superior User Experience, Significant Cost Reduction, Enhanced Security

How Midmarket Companies Leverage Managed Services PDFEnabling remote workers has never been more important. Providing employees with secure access to information and applications while delivering a seamless user experience as they continue to work from various locations and on multiple devices is key to productivity and success.

Mindsight Desktop as a Service (DaaS) exceeds the expectations of today’s modern workforce. Mindsight DaaS is a 100% cloud-based virtual desktop solution delivered as a fully managed service with simple per user pricing. The solution leverages todays innovative cloud offerings from Microsoft Azure – with Mindsight’s managed services expertise.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Desktop virtualization began to gain momentum in 2006 in the enterprise end-user computing market. With virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the hypervisor segments servers into virtual machines that in turn host the virtual desktops. Users can access their desktops from any device or location – all processing is done on the host server. VDI delivers a secure, customized desktop user experience without the need for managing individual PCs, historically a challenge for IT administrators!

Hypervisor segments servers

VDI solutions, although providing many benefits, have had their share of challenges. For instance, on-premise solutions require significant capital investment and IT skills to design, implement and maintain the environment. Licensing is often complex and costly,  and scalability inelastic. Even cloud-based solutions can be difficult to manage, from predicting and managing costs to understanding licensing to deploying and maintaining the environment.

Read more about VDI in our recent blog.

Mindsight Desktop as a Service

Built on Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Mindsight’s DaaS is a cloud-based virtual desktop solution delivered as a fully managed service. This means that Mindsight provides the required resources to run the desktop environment and any applications within. There is no maintenance or management for IT staff to worry about. And because the solution is consumption-based, there are significant cost savings given the shift from a capex to opex operating model (not to mention the cost savings that autoscaling technology provides). In addition, DaaS offers easier patch management and software updates, faster migrations, quicker ‘new user” provisioning, better disaster planning and recovery, and improved application and data security.

Managed by Microsoft

Mindsight’s DaaS solution is built on Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) infrastructure which delivers enhanced features compared to other offerings in the market.  Some of these features include the following:

  • Microsoft offers a new licensing platform called Microsoft 365 which combines the traditional Office 365 features with Enterprise Mobility and Security and Windows 10 Licensing. This provides end users with a complete cloud productivity solution.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session capability is exclusive to WVD. With multi-session capabilities, you greatly reduce the number of virtual machines and operating system (OS) overhead while providing the same resources to your users.
  • Customers benefit from enhanced security in the Azure platform, including reverse connect technology, role-based access (RBAC), and isolation of user sessions.
  • FSLogix profile enhancements greatly improve profile management via Profile Containers.

Reduced costs and simplified licensing combined with a superior user experience and enhanced security delivered as a fully managed solution makes Mindsight’s DaaS offering one of the most attractive ine market today.


Mindsight’s Desktop as a Service includes the following:

  • All Inclusive Licensing for Microsoft Software and Services
  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Architecture
  • 24×7 Level 1 Helpdesk Support
  • 24×7 Managed WVD Infrastructure Support
  • Deployed and Managed Security Solutions

 Optional services are also offered. Contact Mindsight for more details.

Benefits of Mindsight Desktop as a Service

woman working on desktop
DaaS delivers a secure, superior user experience from any device and location.
  • Superior User Experience: Users can quickly connect from any device anywhere – critical for today’s dynamic and remote workforce. The solution is optimized for Office 365 and Teams, delivering uncompromised email and calendar performance.
  • Enhanced Security: Unique security advantages include reverse connect technology which reduces an attack surface, role-based access, and isolated user sessions.
  • Simplified Management: WVD deploys and scales in minutes and enables organizations to easily virtualize both desktops and applications.
  • Significant Cost Savings: Reduced infrastructure costs, simplified licensing and labor savings deliver compelling economic benefit.
  • Fully Managed: The environment is fully managed by Mindsight expert level engineers.

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