Looking Forward: Mindsight’s 1st Year


October 9, 2016

It’s Mindsight’s 1st year, and we have big plans. Our rebrand last month involved a change in our name and our design, but it also signaled a change in strategy. Over the next year, we intend to transition away from being a value-added reseller (VAR). Instead, Mindsight will become a technology infrastructure consultancy firm.

Here, we’ll shed some light on what that transition might look like.


Looking Back: Our Last Year as Tympani


There’s a misconception out there. Whenever a company rebrands, the market instinctually assumes that they have been bought or fallen on hard times. In the case of Tympani (now known as Mindsight), this couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve actually had one of our best years yet.

In the last 12 months:

  • Our Managed Services practice has grown 75%
  • Overall growth of 25% in the midmarket space

While our service and engineering teams were designing and deploying solutions for our clients throughout Chicago, our marketing team was blazing new trails. Mindsight won the Cisco Digital and Social Marketers of the Year award for North America in March. This award is presented to the Cisco partner that demonstrates ingenuity and creativity with their use of digital and social media channels. Cisco has thousands of partners throughout the country, but our team took home the award.


The Next Twelve Months


We plan to continue our transition towards a full technology infrastructural consultancy firm for our first official year as Mindsight. From the outset, Tympani (and now Mindsight) has taken a more consultative approach with our clients than is usually expected from a value-added reseller (VAR). Our solutions architects would commonly work with clients to design the best strategy to achieve their goals rather than simply oversee the purchase of servers, switches, and storage. The challenge now and for the next year is to take what was once a consultative “approach” and position it as the core of our business strategy.

Practically speaking, this strategy shift takes a few forms. We plan on developing new roadmap planning services in addition to highlighting our existing roadmaps to help our clients address their most pressing problems. In these roadmaps, a senior Mindsight infrastructure consultant will arrive on-prem to discuss the focus of the consultation in detail. These consultations allow our team to work with yours and develop the best solution together based on our recommendation and your goals.

Our Managed Services practice has seen tremendous success in the last year, and we intend to continue that success. As IT environments become more and more complex, Mindsight can become a valuable ally to overburdened IT departments. Routine maintenance and monitoring tasks can be offloaded onto Mindsight, while the client’s in-house team focuses on higher-level strategy.

Finally, we intend to keep serving as an educational resource for IT directors and contact/call center managers throughout Chicagoland. We will continue publishing our regular blog and host educational seminars on the year’s most important technology topics.


An Exciting Year to Come


We have our work cut out for us, but we’re all excited to take these first steps in Mindsight’s early history. Our job is made easier, because at heart, we’ve always been infrastructure consultants. There’s no major shift in company culture to make. Rather, we are focusing our message, refining our process, and showcasing the expertise that made us successful in the first place.

Tympani had an exceptional final year. Now, we’re working every day to make sure Mindsight’s first is even better.

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About Mindsight

Mindsight, a Chicago IT services provider, is an extension of your team. Our culture is built on transparency and trust, and our team is made up of extraordinary people – the kinds of people you would hire. We have one of the largest expert-level engineering teams delivering the full spectrum of IT services and solutions, from cloud to infrastructure, collaboration to contact center. Our highly-certified engineers and process-oriented excellence have certainly been key to our success. But what really sets us apart is our straightforward and honest approach to every conversation, whether it is for an emerging business or global enterprise. Our customers rely on our thought leadership, responsiveness, and dedication to solving their toughest technology challenges.

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