Mindsight Is Sponsoring GMIS Conference: Nov. 4-7, 2018


October 25, 2018 by Siobhan Climer

GMIS, or the Government Management Information Sciences, is an association of organizations and IT professionals focused on innovation and trends around technology. Recently, Mindsight joined GMIS to develop more relationships and to provide points of view that help government agencies optimize technology.  

Mindsight is sponsoring GMIS Illinois Annual Networking and Training Symposium (GIANTS), a multi-day conference providing networking and educational sessions to government agencies, vendors, and industry leaders.

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Why Mindsight Is Sponsoring GMIS Conference


Mindsight joined GMIS due to our ever-evolving relationship with government agencies and local townships. Many of our clients are park districts, non-profits, and quasi-government agencies, and rely on us to be experts  regarding their needs. That’s one of the reasons Mindsight is expanding its services to include the innovations supported by GMIS.

GIANTS offers a great opportunity for our clients, partners, and peers to come together to share ideas, network, and build future relationships, which is why Mindsight is sponsoring GMIS and the upcoming conference.


GMIS Network And Managed Services


The clients we work with rely on our expert managed services, especially around disaster recovery, cloud, security, and remote monitoring and management. One of the reasons GMIS exists is to provide an opportunity to collaborate and better understand the unique needs of government and quasi-government agencies. While businesses respond to the direct needs of consumers and clients, government organizations and non-profits respond to the direct needs of citizens.

Mindsight is sponsoring GMIS and the upcoming conference so we can continue to provide more specialized solutions to our clients in this space.


Case Studies


Every organization faces obstacles in the implementation and management of their technology solutions from time to time. Whether we are assisting a non-profit with weather-related challenges in their contact center or providing managed services to a local park district, Mindsight continues to develop solutions and responses around the needs of our clients.

By sponsoring the upcoming GIANTS conference, Mindsight hopes to deepen our relationships with our partners and clients, share our experiences and insights around technology solutions, and better understand how we can continue to help clients solve their toughest technology challenges.

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GIANTS Conference


Mindsight is sponsoring GMIS and the upcoming GIANTS conference. To find out more, visit the webpage or read an excerpt below.

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According to GMIS:

“GIANTS is a three day seminar full of opportunities to network with your peers, learn about new and exciting trends in local government technology, meet with industry leading vendors and enjoy some light entertainment.

IT is all about the networking.  No, we don’t mean CAT-6 or fiber optics, we mean relationships.  GIANTS is the perfect place to meet some of your peers in other government organizations and share ideas and experiences.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have other local resources that you can contact if you encounter a particularly difficult techno-roadblock?  You can start building your local IT support network at GIANTS.  We’ve all been there.

During GIANTS, you will also have time to visit vendors that you may be considering for that next big IT project.  After you meet with the vendor, some of their references might be right in the room with you.  You can get real-time reference checks from other GMIS Illinois members and see how their implementation went.  You can also discover new vendors and hear their success stories.”

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