Inside Cisco DNA Center: Intent-Based Networking Overview


January 31, 2019 by Siobhan Climer

Intent-based networking systems (IBNS) aren’t new. In fact, according to Gartner Research Vice President Andrew Lerner, the foundation for intent-based networking has been around for years.

Only recently have technology titans like Cisco developed complete solutions around intent-based networking, and those developments have only arisen with advances in artificial intelligence.

What exactly is intent-based networking? Glad you asked!


Intent-Based Networking Basics


cisco dna centerLet’s start with the network. The network you use connects everything, and it relies on human input and strategy to guide those connections. Intent-based networking systems (IBNS) change this reality. In the past, network administrators were responsible for both defining a state of the network and implementing those policies manually. Today, intent-based networks use intent to inform learning, contextual awareness, and security.

Cisco has taken the idea of a defined network state and used advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate network administration. The future of the network is machine learning.


Inside Cisco DNA Center


Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) came to market mid-2017 as a way to help networks integrate and adapt, two ideas that sometimes work against one another.

“Modern networks need to be both more integrated, and yet more flexible,” writes Scott Harrell, SVP and General Manager with Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Business.

Cisco’s DNA Center treats every network device, regardless of its connection, as a part of one unified network fabric. As far as network infrastructure modernization, Cisco DNA Center touches on something enormous; networks have changed in piecemeal, non-strategic ways, leaving businesses with multiple technology platforms, siloed network devices, increased security holes, and an error-prone method of maintaining the network (people).



Validate Checkpoint


Finding a solution that uses the latest technology and is easy to deploy and manage isn’t always the simplest task. Mindsight’s experts deal in the implementation and management of Cisco DNA Center – and other networking solutions – every day.

Join the team for our weekly Mindsight Demo Days. With the help of our engineers, we will test and validate Cisco DNA Center in your environment. Knowing how a particular tool works in your environment BEFORE you deploy is the best way to mitigate risk and ensure the best outcomes for your business.

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Missed Connections? No More

cisco dna center

Cisco’s DNA Center platform offers a single, 360-degree view of a newly integrated network. Machine-learning algorithms capture new connections network administrators might miss, and, most importantly, security breach concerns are addressed before they are infiltrated.

Plus, since DNA Center is an open platform, people can now better tailor protocols for their network, utilizing analytics, automating processes, and delivering a better, more secure experience to employees and customers alike.


Inside Cisco DNA Center Benefits


Silos are a problem everywhere in IT and business. Integrating information to enable flexible, data-driven decisions is the key. And the Cisco DNA Center helps network administrators do just that.


cisco dna center


  • Simple, single dashboard management
  • Granular network view
  • Device lifecycle management
  • Automated device discovery, policy creation, device deployment, and QoS
  • Context-guided analytics
  • Guided remediation
  • Threat detection and response
  • Encrypted traffic analytics
  • Secure segmentation
  • Cisco Prime, APICC-EM, Stealthwatch, and ISE integrations



Ready For Insights And Analytics? Automation Is The Key


Not only will you be able to see what is going on in the network and across services and devices, Cisco DNA Center also provides over 150 actionable insights through its automated analytic policies.

At the heart of Cisco DNA Center is the belief that machine learning algorithms and AI developments can change the way networks function. And it isn’t just for enterprise global businesses, either. The DNA Center is tailored to the needs of your unique environment, whether you have a single server or operate across the country.

Use Cisco DNA Center to automate for scale, prevent downtime, and secure network access: things from which every business can benefit.

Get started today.


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