Deeper Dive into the Cisco Digital Network Architecture


July 25, 2017

In late June 2017, Cisco unveiled what they call their biggest networking achievement in the last decade. Doubling down on the gravity of the achievement, they are characterizing the release as a new era in networking technology. In truth, the Network. Intuitive is not a single thing. It is a new suite of products either designed for the new networking technology or updated to be compatible with it.

The new technology within the Network. Intuitive product suite is called the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA). We’ve already covered the Network. Intuitive from a high level. Now, we take a deeper dive into the technology that makes it all possible.


The Digital Network Architecture (DNA) of the Network. Intuitive


The Basics:

DNA is a software-driven platform that combines a number of advanced networking capabilities into one solution. Virtualization, automation, analytics, and cloud capabilities are all available for the business network through DNA. With these capabilities, businesses can increase the speed, efficiency, and value of their existing network. Cisco even cites a few impressive figures as evidence of the solutions value.

  • 28% Increase in Network Staff Efficiency
  • 17% Faster Delivery of New Applications
  • 42% Faster WAN/Branch Deployments
  • $48,000 Annual Benefit per 100 Employees
  • 402% ROI over 5 Years


The Solutions:

The first thing you may notice is that some of the products and solutions listed below predate the Cisco DNA and the Network. Intuitive. These products have been grouped together under the Network. Intuitive banner because of their value when paired with the new solutions to be released this summer.

  • Software Defined Access (SD–Access): SD–Access is a network management solution that streamlines management functions that used to be a manual task. It enables a network administrator to automate user access policies for users, devices, and applications. Furthermore, it allows for end-to-end segmentation across the network without the need to manually redesign the network itself.
  • Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN): The Intelligent WAN enables businesses to reap a number of efficiencies with their WAN. Namely, it can reduce costs and improve performance by intelligently routing network traffic through the path of least resistance and setting priorities for mission-critical application traffic.
  • Cisco DNA Center: The DNA Center is the centralized platform for all Cisco DNA products. Through it you can control and monitor network performance and pinpoint network issues using advanced analytic capabilities.
  • Cisco Network Data Platform (NDP): The NDP is your monitoring and analytics engine. It collects and correlates network data in real time to identify and offer solutions to any networking issues that may arise.
  • Cisco Stealthwatch: Stealthwatch monitors the network for any signs of malicious activity. Once found, Stealthwatch can contain the threat to thwart further contamination.
  • Cisco TrustSec and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE): ISE enables a network administrator to virtually segment the network and enforce network permission policies across the enterprise.
  • Cisco Umbrella: Cisco Umbrella replaces your DNS server and pairs normal DNS functions with Cisco Talos, the largest database of cyber security information. This allows Umbrella to prevent a networked endpoint from ever reaching a known corrupted or malicious domain. Before the connection is made, Umbrella steps in to block access.

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