Genesys Launches New Products and A.I. at CX17


June 15, 2017

With the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence by Genesys, the spring Interactions conference is now hosted by Genesys and known as CX17.

The event was held in Indianapolis in late May, and CX17 provided Genesys an opportunity to showcase the changes in the company after the acquisition.

In case you missed it, we’ve gathered a recap of some of the most important aspects of the event here. One of the most interesting announcements concerned a new artificial intelligence for the contact center.

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CX17 Recap: New Product Line and New Leader


Rebranded Product Line:

With the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence, the standard contact center solution product line offered by Genesys has changed substantially. In some areas, product names have shifted. In others, Genesys has incorporated ININ solutions into their main product line. Genesys has noted that all future features and tools developed by Genesys will be added to each of their solutions.

Currently, Genesys has three core contact center solutions.

  • PureCloud: PureCloud was originally developed as an Interactive Intelligence product, but the solution is still available now through Genesys under its original name. The solution is a full-featured contact center platform hosted in the cloud.
  • PureConnect: PureConnect is the rebranded form of ININ’s legacy contact center solution, Customer Interaction Center. It is available as either an on-prem or hosted solution.

    Contact Center Genesys PureCloud Solutions For Cloud Storage

  • PureEngage: This solution is the rebranded form of the Genesys legacy contact center solution. It is available on-prem and is largely unchanged from its previous iteration.


New Leader

Genesys has recently been named a leader by Gartner and rests comfortably in the coveted top right box of the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2017. It is no coincidence that this achievement comes on the heels of acquiring one of the most prominent contact center software developers on the market. With ININ and Genesys combined, Genesys has even surpassed Cisco in this year’s quadrants.

Gartner Genesys

Meet Kate: Genesys’ New A.I.


Kate is a new artificial intelligence to be deployed by Genesys this year. Kate is part of Genesys’ G-NINE initiatives which seek to develop new automation and customer experience tools to their platforms. Kate is unique from other existing A.I.’s like Watson, because Kate is specifically and exclusively designed to aid in customer service encounters. Interestingly, Kate will also have blended-A.I. capabilities, meaning that she’ll be able to leverage other A.I.s like IBM’s Watson to expand what she can do.

Kate, herself, is said to bring her own micro-apps to customer engagement which will allow her to have a more nuanced understanding of language and human interaction. Details are sparse at this time, but any integration of artificial intelligence into a new technology deserves our attention.


CX17 to Kick off a Good Year

Genesys has a lot to be proud of. Their acquisition of Interactive Intelligence has positioned them as a leader in the industry, and it looks like this is only the beginning. The G-NINE project is sure to catch headlines throughout the year, particularly because of their new A.I. Our consultants had an excellent time at CX17 and we look forward to an exciting year with Genesys.

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