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May 24, 2018 by Siobhan Climer

Contact centers have evolved. Consider the call center of the last decade. The primarily phone-based customer service platform has grown to involve web self-service, chat, text, email, and phone. This multichannel response to the customer experience has moved still further ahead, toward an omnichannel approach. Customers now expect a seamless, responsive experience that accounts for every step in their journey with a brand.  From an online shopping cart to a website chat question, to a follow-up email and in-store pick-up, customers expect contact centers to keep up with their purchase cycle.

So what’s next for the contact center?


Centralized Vs. Decentralized Contact Centers


As organizations grow, so do their customer service response models. Your business may have contact center agents in multiple states or countries. The push toward an omnichannel approach means that decentralized contact centers may have difficulty in managing the multiple stages of a customer’s interactions with your business. Many businesses are finding that consolidating their contact centers alleviates this pressure and increases the quality and consistency of service.


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Regardless of whether your business opts for a consolidated or dispersed contact center model, one question remains.

How do you manage all your contact center data?


The Cloud Enables Omnichannel And Benefits Your Business


Unlike other cloud solutions, Genesys PureCloud CX integrates seamlessly with the systems you are already using. You can avoid costly and time-consuming set-up and training, and you’ll be ready to adapt as your business grows. Expanding on-premise solutions can be expensive, which is why contact centers find the cloud to be an attractive choice.

Contact centers and Genesys PureCloud work together to solve the myriad problems that affect call centers using legacy technology that simply can’t deliver a holistic view of the customer. Data resides across multiple systems and tools that don’t necessarily talk to each other, preventing the level of responsiveness customers have come to expect.

contact center genesys purecloud

Cloud-based contact centers are one way businesses are meeting – and exceeding – their customer’s expectations. Using the cloud enables your business to have a more complete view of every customer and continue to add new channels like chat and Facebook – ensuring nothing remains siloed.

Managing massive volumes of data with on-premise solutions is often challenging. Hardware requires refresh, licensing costs can be sizable, system updates must be made regularly and unused storage can leave money on the table. Moving to the cloud allows businesses to adopt a pay-as-you-grow model, so you will only be charged for the number of agents using the cloud. No more wasted storage and backlogged IT tickets. Your IT team will be able to focus on the needs of your business, instead of infrastructure maintenance. Centralized contact centers that adopt cloud solutions become more streamlined and efficient, increasing ROI and customer satisfaction.

These benefits scale dramatically for decentralized contact centers. Multiple facilities mean multiple data centers that require a high-level of maintenance to meet customer demands. Migrating to the cloud centralizes the data, enabling you to keep the benefits of local entrepreneurship and fast response times without giving up your ability to identify your customer’s needs at the ring of a phoneline or the send of a chat request.

Opting to use a managed services provider eases the transition from on-premise to the cloud by delivering the expertise needed to ensure a smooth migration and ongoing optimization once the migration is complete.


The Contact Center and Genesys PureCloud


How does a 501% ROI sound? That’s what businesses who have opted for the Genesys PureCloud solution earn. Businesses of all sizes can streamline their administration and IT processes, and enable their contact center management teams to lead more efficiently.

At Mindsight, our team of experts with advanced certifications ensures your transition to PureCloud will be seamless.

contact center genesys purecloud

Genesys PureCloud Benefits

What are the benefits of PureCloud? Here are a just a few:

  1. Omnichannel

By 2018, Dimension Data estimates customers will expect 11 channels to be available for interacting with your business. In the same report, however, they found a whopping 58.5% of businesses were unable to integrate their various communication channels. PureCloud integrates these channels, bringing an omnichannel experience to your customers. Customers are happier, and your business can grow.

  1. Collaboration

PureCloud combines voice services and auto-attendant tools with video conferencing, screen sharing, team chat, and document management. Their user-friendly interface makes collaboration for your teams seamless. Open APIs mean integration with your current tools will be a breeze.

  1. Analytics

Data is the root of a successful business. Measurable results that are easy to access, format, analyze, and share can convince your employees, shareholders, and customers of what you are doing right. The PureCloud dashboard provides live data, and enables you to send and receive supervisor alerts, historical reports, and various agent tools like performance tracking and scheduling.

  1. Innovation

Microservices architecture means your cloud solution is always up-to-date with the latest features. In 2017 alone, PureCloud added intraday monitoring, chrome extensions, salesforce extensions, single sign-on, multilingual IVR, inbound email flows, screen share, co-browsing, and PCI! Just imagine what 2018 will bring.


Contact Center Genesys Purecloud Solutions

The cornerstone of any product – and any business – is whether it offers something different. Your business is the same. By staying ahead of the curve, you provide an asset to your customers. Exceptional customer service is a part of that competitive difference. By leveraging an omnichannel contact center cloud solution like Genesys PureCloud, you put yourself in position to innovate, adapt, and respond to the changing needs of your industry and customers.

Contact us today to take your contact center to the cloud and beyond. 

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