Case Study: Mindsight Stabilizes VDI Deployment for Food Processor


This case study and the direct quotes included were partially informed and/or provided by an interview with a Mindsight client conducted by an objective 3rd party. The original interview in its entirety is available at


From the largest enterprise to the smallest startup, the challenges of an IT department are often the same. The scale of the problem and the available solutions may be different, but in the end, technology is technology. No matter the size of the organization, companies must still overcome many of the same issues to find success.

Our client is a major national food processor that supplies restaurant chains such as McDonald’s, Chipotle, Subway, and Domino’s. The company is comprised of 13 facilities including manufacturing plants, R&D centers, data centers, and a headquarters in Aurora. The company staffs a full workforce of over 17,000 employees, and despite the massive scale of the operation, the IT department still operates under a very lean budget.

Without the funds to bolster their in-house IT teams, this client reached out to Mindsight for project work and a Managed Services agreement.


The Problem

With so many locations and such a large workforce, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a natural fit for this client. It provides their office staff with thin client desktops without the need for the small IT team to devote resources to end point management. Yet, without the resources to adequately support the application, their VDI application faced regular issues. Worst of which was its propensity to break and shut down altogether.

Though the VDI issues were the primary reason the client reached out to Mindsight, it was not the only problem plaguing the IT department. Managing and monitoring their network and server infrastructure proved to be a regular and recurring challenge for the in-house team.


The Solution: VDI Deployment

The solution to the problem was rather straightforward. The client chose to leverage the experience and workforce of the Mindsight team to supplement their own in-house IT department. By doing so, Mindsight was able to take on many of the problem areas of the environment. For less than the cost of hiring on new employees, Mindsight stabilized the VDI farm and now continues to manage and monitor the server environment and network.

Since partnering with this client, we have seen a tremendous improvement in network insight and VDI performance. Mindsight and the client still meet on Fridays for a weekly status report on the health of the network and VDI farm.


Conclusion and Ongoing Projects

Over the past year, Mindsight and the client have had conversations about the future needs of the environment and what technology solutions on the market today stand to benefit the client. Currently, Mindsight is working to deploy Microsoft Office 365 in the client’s environment. Microsoft Office 365 is attractive for many of the same reasons the client was originally drawn to VDI. It provides the workforce anywhere, anytime, and any device access to their Microsoft Office applications—and it does so without the need for consistent endpoint management from the IT team.

One of the most important things cited by the client in their review was Mindsight’s commitment to their satisfaction and personal touch. Our consultants and engineers always make great efforts to support clear and transparent communication. We look forward to our continued partnership with this client and their future success.

“I can pick up the phone and call someone from Mindsight’s senior management. We can talk everything over, which is important when dealing with larger support partners.”


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