Case Study: Network Migration Moves Across The River


This case study and the direct quotes included were partially informed and/or provided by an interview with a Mindsight client conducted by an objective 3rd party. The original interview regarding this network migration is available in its entirety at


One good client relationship leads to another. Recently, one of our long-time managed services clients happened to be talking shop at a social event with a representative of this healthcare company. The healthcare rep was explaining to our client the challenges they face in a massive upcoming project. The company was splitting from their umbrella corporation and planned to move across the river in downtown Chicago. This relocation was going to require a significant network migration and expansion of network resources, and their team did not have the experience or headcount to do it alone. Based on our track record of excellence and transparency, our client recommended that the healthcare rep reach out to Mindsight for assistance.


The Move

This sort of undertaking requires extreme care. Migrating a network and data center is not as easy as just unplugging a bunch of servers. The healthcare company’s environment included a number of complex data center technologies, and they must comply with many stringent HIPAA policy requirements in the new environment. To make matters that much more difficult, the process had to be completed within a narrow window of time. To pull this off correctly, Mindsight needed to work with speed while still paying extremely close attention to detail.


“Our main concern entering into a partnership with Mindsight was that we are a public company, but much of our IT spend was being invested in a 3rd party. So, a good working relationship was really important to us. We needed to trust Mindsight to be respectful of our needs and follow our policy guidelines. It has been a really good experience. They always know when to check in with us and make sure any action that they take is in line with our goals.”

— Jeff S., Systems Administrator


Choosing the Right Solution for the Client

During the move, the client approached us to request a new EMC storage device for backup and redundancy purposes in the new data center. Rather than simply completing the paperwork and collecting our cut, the consultants at Mindsight saw an opportunity. In short, our client didn’t need a new storage device, or rather, a new storage device would not be the best strategy to take.

In lieu of new equipment, we advised the client to pursue a refinement of their disaster recovery strategy to account for a SAN failure. This alternative had a lower cost, took less time to implement, and included other secondary benefits. Ultimately, the client chose this alternative and thanked us for offering the best solution instead of just the most profitable.




“Mindsight provides more value than other partners we have worked with. Instead of just completing the tasks we assign, they take the extra step to explain their methodology and educate our team on how to improve the environment in the future.”

— Jeff S., Systems Administrator


In the end, the environment was moved without major complications. The healthcare company now resides on the other side of the river, and their new network operates just as they expected and in compliance with all HIPAA regulations. From there, Mindsight was signed on for a more permanent role of managing the network as a managed services partner, and we continue to serve in that role today.


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Mindsight believes in candid communication and transparency in all of our business dealings. This approach has earned us a number of strong client relationships. In this instance, working honestly and competently for one client earned us another. Read more success stories from Chicago companies all around the metropolitan area on our review page.

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