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November 6, 2016

This managed services case study and the direct quotes included were partially informed and/or provided by an interview with a Mindsight client conducted by an objective 3rd party. The original interview in its entirety is available at


In any business, your relationship with your client is of the utmost importance, but as a Managed Services Provider (MSP), it is even more so. These clients depend on MSPs to ensure that their environment is healthy and running at all times. Should we fail, our client’s business is sure to suffer. Therefore, Mindsight takes extra care to not only live up to the responsibilities listed in the agreement, but we also go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service.

Mindsight’s commitment to both our responsibilities and our client’s satisfaction is perfectly exemplified by our relationship with a local Christian media company.


The Problem

Our client came to Mindsight after breaking ties with their previous Managed Services Provider. For a time, the client was satisfied with the level of service they received from their MSP. The MSP offered a direct line to senior engineers familiar with their account, and the environment ran smoothly. As time wore on, however, the quality of customer service began to dwindle as the MSP cut corners to save on costs. Instead of direct lines to top engineers, calls were being routed to an outsourced call center in Canada, and the response time to issues began to grow longer and longer.

The client was made to feel like an afterthought, and something needed to change.


The Solution: A Better Customer Experience

It just so happens that several engineers from the original MSP left the company for similar reasons. The company continued to put costs ahead of their customers. Soon after leaving, these engineers joined the Mindsight team. Here, they were able to resume providing the quality of service our clients expect from a partner.

The Christian media company had already established an excellent working relationship with the new engineers at Mindsight, so it proved to be an easy transition. Mindsight assumed all of the previous responsibilities of the former MSP, and we continue to provide these services today.


Managed Network Services

The actual details of our agreement with the Christian media company are fairly straightforward. The company is very small with only a few dozen employees, and Mindsight has been asked to take over the entirety of their IT environment.

We managed the network connectivity across their two offices, we provide a small amount of cloud storage, and we manage their phone system. Though their environment is small, our client is able to receive high quality technical support and monitoring for less than the cost of a full-time IT employee.

Our client is a media company, and that means that their business depends on around-the-clock connectivity in order to broadcast their content on television. They require dedicated care and attention, and Mindsight is happy to provide.


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Mindsight believes in open communication, quality service, and custom solutions to the technology challenges of our clients. On, our clients have the opportunity to detail our business relationship and report on Mindsight’s successes and shortcomings. As of November 2016, Mindsight is proud to boast an overall rating of 4.9/5.

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