Case Study: Long-Term Partnership Drives Client’s Continued Success


March 8, 2018

For every business, no matter the industry, technology plays a leading role in their success, but the devil is in the details. How the company approaches their IT environment will greatly influence the impact of their technology. Do you leverage the cloud? Do you need flash storage? Do you need a specialist on staff to support your storage deployment? Answering these questions is the ongoing challenge of companies, and providing the answers is Mindsight’s specialty.

This case study is larger than a single project. It’s larger than a large project. Our client began a relationship with Mindsight nearly 10 years ago that started small, but as time went on and trust was earned, Mindsight grew into a true partner and ally. From hardware to managed services, Mindsight continues to deliver exceptional service and reliable counsel in our long-term partnership.


long-term partnership

The Client:

Our client is a privately-owned food processing company that supplies products to restaurants and retail locations around the world. The client has made their name in the industry for fresh, innovative ways to deliver food solutions and success.


The Beginning: 2010 – 2012


In 2010, the client was looking to upgrade their firewall to a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA). They contacted Cisco for partner recommendations and were informed of Mindsight, formerly Tympani, as a quality choice in the Chicago area.

One project lead to another. From an initial conversation about a firewall, the client decided to recruit Mindsight to replace all of their switches across five sites. In total, this project consisted of the deployment of over 50 switches and 200 access points, including data center switching. The project was a success, and the client was thrilled with the efficiency and expertise of the Mindsight team.


The Project Years: 2012-2014


With our relationship firmly established, the client trusted Mindsight with several larger projects over the next few years. The first was a migration to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) strategy. With such a small team, the client needed the ease of management available through a VDI solution. Yet, even still, the sprawling 400 employee environment proved too complex to manage between a handful of IT professionals. They relied on Mindsight to provide additional monitoring of some of their network devices.

After another successful large project, our client began looking to refresh other areas of their infrastructure. The next two years included both a storage refresh and a server refresh, and the relationship only grew from there. Before long, they were calling Mindsight for break/fix projects and miscellaneous technical support.


The Transition to and Expansion of Managed Services: 2014 – 2018+


Based on their technology strategy, the client did not intend on hiring additional staff despite their growing IT needs. Yet, as time went on, the client relied on Mindsight more and more for project work, maintenance, and monitoring of the environment. At a certain point, it simply made practical and financial sense to move to a managed services agreement.

In 2014, the client signed a managed services agreement with Mindsight, and each year since, we’ve reassessed the agreement with the client and expanded its scope. Today, it encompasses full network monitoring and management as well as their entire VDI deployment.


A Long-Term Partnership You Can Trust

At the core of this long-term partnership is the trust earned from ongoing tests of competency and reliability. Over and over, Mindsight proved that when the client needed our expertise or even just our manpower, we were ready and able to deliver. That trust has yielded clear success for our client. Large improvements to their IT infrastructure along with a managed services agreement ensure the environments all run smoothly. We look forward to our continued growing relationship with our client.


Why Choose Managed Services?

Mindsight has a specialized team of experts that can focus on key areas in your environment, and you can access this entire team for the cost of one or two full-time employees. However, with Mindsight, the client does not need to worry about training and turnover. Mindsight is 24/7/365 and ready to help.

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