Managed Services Monitoring and the Holidays


December 18, 2017

Without exception, IT environments need some form of monitoring at all times, or they risk potential downtime. For this reason, businesses will often schedule overnight IT shifts for their administrators or deploy some form of automated monitoring and alert system. For most of the year, these strategies work well enough, but the Holiday Season poses a special challenge.

IT departments in small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) operate with a small IT team or, in some instances, with only one or two IT professionals on staff. When the Holiday Season rolls around and these IT professionals want to use their vacation time, it can be almost impossible to allow ample time for their families while also maintaining coverage. IT directors are left with the difficult choice of refusing their employee vacation requests or incurring risk.

A managed services agreement offers a different solution.


Managed Services Monitoring for the Holidays


Managed services offers a few attractive benefits for companies struggling with personnel issues around this time of year.

  • 24 Hour Alert Monitoring: Standard with every Mindsight managed services agreement is our 24/7 alert monitoring service. Should our team discover any abnormalities in your network, we’ll immediately notify you of the issue. This allows you to enjoy your holiday parties with family with full confidence that there are trained eyes on your network.


  • Alert Response: You can structure your managed services agreement with Mindsight to allow our team to respond to alerts as they arise. Our engineers can set to work on correcting any sort of network hiccup to ensure your network is ready for the next business day.


  • Experienced Team: Our managed services team is staffed with highly experienced professionals. In fact, 90% of our engineers have advanced industry certifications. There is no junior team at Mindsight.

Rather than incurring risk or disrupting the work/life balance of your team, managed services allow you to experience the best of both worlds. Your IT environment will be closely monitored at all times during any and all holiday occasions this season, and your IT employees can enjoy time with their families.

Beyond the holiday season, managed services serve an important role in many SMBs for the simple fact that it specifically addresses the challenges these businesses face every day. Check out our infographic “Curing Small Business Pain Points with Managed Services” for examples of this.

IT Staffing In An Ever-Changing Business Environment


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