Infographic: Curing Small Business Pain Points


January 4, 2017

The IT departments of small-to-medium (SMB) sized businesses have it rough. Consisting of an IT director, and perhaps a handful of administrators, this small team is responsible for the entire IT environment twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With tight budgets and limited resources, it can be a challenge to balance new projects with recurring maintenance tasks, but there is another way. Managed services can help your IT environment weather an unexpected issue or support key applications for the long-term with a team of experienced engineers.

Explore the infographic below to see how a managed services agreement can alleviate some of the most common and daunting challenges an SMB IT environment may face.


Cure Your Small Business Pain Points with Managed Services


  • Offload recurring maintenance tasks
  • Access 24x7x365 monitoring services
  • Customize your agreement to account for existing and unexpected challenges
  • Leverage specialized experience and skillsets through the managed services team


Managed Services


An Easier Way to Support Your IT Environment

Managed services is a partnership. A good managed services provider will align their interests with yours for the betterment of your environment. At Mindsight, your success is our success, and together we can help you achieve your business goals. A small team doesn’t have to be a limitation. With the help of Mindsight Managed Services, you can focus your efforts on high-priority projects and work like an IT department twice your size.


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