Pure Storage’s Compuverde Acquisition Extends Storage Capabilities


April 4, 2019 by Siobhan Climer

In an April 2, 2019 press release, Pure Storage announced its intended Compuverde acquisition. Pure Storage, a leading data solutions company, provides storage and analytics solutions for businesses of all sizes around the world.

Pure Storage’s Compuverde acquisition demonstrates an investment in cloud-based storage. The Swedish-based company is a leading developer of file software solutions. Adding these capabilities to Pure Storage’s diverse offerings indicates a continued commitment to file-based shared storage.


pure storage's compuverde acquisition


What Is File-Based Storage?


File-based storage is typically associated with a NAS gateway. File-based storage works well for organizing data in a hierarchical, simple, and accessible platform. The key to successful file-based storage is a documented nomenclature (naming) strategy and regular clean-up.

Also known as shared filesystem, file storage is good for file sharing, archiving, and data protection. The architecture has its drawbacks, though; unlimited scalability means an unlimited number of files to comb through when searching for something you need.

That’s something Pure Storage seems adamant on changing.


What Is Cloud Storage Part 2: Types Of Cloud Storage


File-based storage has been especially powerful in recent years as enterprise and mid-market companies move to the cloud. Compuverde’s focus on highly scalable software and file-based storage has been instrumental in the cloud migration journey for many organizations, as it enabled advanced file offerings for hybrid architectures.

Pure Storage’s Compuverde acquisition will likely mean improved file-based storage offerings for hybrid public cloud users.

Pure Storage Chairman and CEO focused on the need for businesses to “leverage the innovations of the public cloud in conjunction with their on-prem solutions” in the press release and indicated a focus on data assets for customers.

“We’re excited about the opportunities that the Compuverde team and technology bring to Pure’s existing portfolio.”

How Might Pure Storage’s Compuverde Acquisition Extend Storage Capabilities?


In addition to expanding Pure Storage’s file capabilities, the Compuverde acquisition puts Pure Storage on a clear path toward a hybrid cloud vision.

pure storage's compuverde acquisitionHybrid architecture is becoming more prevalent as strategic application-based cloud migrations become more prolific across the industry. Businesses are starting to learn that not every application is optimized for the cloud. By focusing on a data-centric architecture, organizations are developing an ideal hybrid cloud solution

As companies move aspects of their operations to the cloud, maintaining the normalcy of a file-based storage system empowers a smoother transition. As IDC and Pure Storage note, file-based storage offers the same advanced capabilities as on-prem environments, thus reducing obstacles to cloud migrations, especially for larger organizations.

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It’s All About Data


pure storage's compuverde acquisitionAlways. Pure Storage’s Compuverde acquisition is centered on leveraging data – wherever it is – for the benefit of customers. Since so much unstructured data is stored in file-based storage today – 79% according to a 2018 report by IDC – the Compuverde acquisition will likely position Pure Storage as a leader in data storage.

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