On-Premise vs Cloud Contact Centers: Who Benefits?


December 21, 2017

Today, contact centers have two main options when it comes to their contact center technology. The applications that support their calls, call recordings, workforce management tools, chat, and so on can either be hosted in the cloud or somewhere in a company data center. Both options have their positives and negatives, and it is impossible to declare one approach superior to the others.

That being said, different companies will find either approach more attractive than the other based on their own unique factors. Below, we’ve listed some of the main benefits of each approach and what kind of companies might stand to benefit.

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Contact Center Technology


Cloud Contact Centers


No Hardware
The most obvious advantage of a contact center in the cloud is that it does not require any servers or storage to support the solution. Agents can access the platform through a standard internet connection.

Who Benefits?
Companies that have a small or overburdened IT department might find value in a cloud solution. It results in less hardware to power, maintain, patch, update, and more. With limited time in the day, a cloud solution is more hands-off on the IT side.


OpEx Costs
Cloud contact centers are generally sold as a subscription service, so instead of the large up-front cost of purchasing hardware and licenses, the company can enjoy a predictable monthly or yearly rate.

Who Benefits?
Startups may lack initial capital to pay for IT hardware right off the bat. This approach allows for a low barrier of entry without compromising on the quality of the solution itself.

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On-Premise Contact Centers


Greater Control
If the solution is deployed in your on-premise data center, your IT team will have much more control over the solution. Instead of accessing a service from a company, you own the application. If you need custom scripting or 3rd party integrations, this can be achieved more easily with an on-prem solution.

Who Benefits?
Companies with robust or firmly established IT departments may have the skillset in-house to fully support the application.


Cloud contact center providers have every incentive in the world to provide  a secure solution for their customers, but there is a peace of mind in knowing exactly how your solution is secured. An on-premise solution is protected by your on-premise security strategy. You control the solution; you control the security.

Who Benefits?
If your company has made a significant data security investment, that investment can be leveraged to secure your on-prem solution.

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